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Who can apply?

Clearing Students

If you are coming to Leeds through clearing you can apply for accommodation but are not guaranteed a place in University accommodation. We are however confident we will be able to help you find accommodation. You can apply as soon as you have accepted a firm offer of a place to study at the University of Leeds and should apply by 1 September 2017. If you do not receive an offer until after 1 September you should apply as soon as possible. We won't be able to allocate your accommodation until late August/early September and will hear from us about your accommodation by Wednesday 06 September 2017.

UK/EC postgraduates

If you are a UK/EC postgraduate, you are not guaranteed a place in University accommodation and although it's unlikely we can make you an offer of accommodation for the 2017/18 academic year, there's plenty of good quality private housing available in Leeds. Please see our private accommodation pages for more information and to start your search.  

Students with family members

If you are coming to Leeds with your partner or children, we have some family accommodation close to the University but places are limited. For more information visit our family accommodation pages.

Current Students

If you're an existing student at Leeds and you want to return to University accommodation, please see our returning students page.


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