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Additional Requirements

Dietary Requirements

In catered residences we are able to cater for vegetarians and we will try to cater for those who have special diets for medical reasons (e.g. diabetes) and those who avoid certain meats on religious grounds. If you have a food allergy, we would need to discuss this first with the Catering Manager/s to see if we can cater for you. Make sure you provide these details on the accommodation application form.

Unfortunately we can't cater for individual likes or dislikes. If you are very specific about the kind of food you like to eat, you may be better suited to self-catering accommodation. If you eat a kosher, vegan, or halal diet, it also might be better for you to apply for self-catering accommodation. On the accommodation application form, you can indicate that you would like to live with other students on a similar diet and we will try to place you together.

Kosher meals are also available at Hillel House situated on the campus, which from September 2009 will be a new non-residential Jewish Student Centre. The Cafeteria here will serve meals throughout the day and evening. Friday night Shabbat and festival dinners will also be available.

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