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Family Housing

General Information

We have family accommodation in great locations around Leeds; rooms and flats vary, some are on campus and some are nearby. Rents vary depending on the location and size of the property.

Who can apply?

  • international students (i.e. paying fees at the international rate) on a fulltime course
  • students wishing to live with their partner and/or children (you don't have to be married or be in a heterosexual relationship, lone parents are also eligible to apply)

Unfortunately we are unable to house extended family members i.e. parents or families with more than three children.

There are 150 family properties and there is currently a waiting list, so unfortunately we are unable to guarantee family accommodation. If we can't find you a suitable property we will keep you on the waiting list as long as you complete the application form.

Many students with families choose to look for private accommodation - UNIPOL Student Homes can give you lots of help and we recommend you visit their website.

We strongly advise you to come to Leeds early to arrange accommodation before your family travels to Leeds.

More information

Look on the Unipol website for information on house hunting in Leeds, costs, contracts and deposits. Through the website, you can join the family list and register your details.


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