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University vs Private

We believe University accommodation offers unrivalled value for money. Private accommodation can sometimes be cheaper and can be a good option for some students.

Take a look at how they compare before choosing which one is best for you:

University accommodation
(Based on a single room in a shared flat of 4/5)
Private accommodation
(Based on a single room in a shared house of 4/5)
Rent Varies - see costs Varies - see unipol website for examples
Gas, water, electricity Inclusive £15 per person, per week (approx)
Internet Inclusive £2 per person, per week (approx)
Payment methods 4 ways to pay Limited
Insurance (basic cover) Inclusive £2 per person, per week (approx)
Contract length Contract until June or September Contract until June or September
Opportunity to move Can move to other university accommodation if vacancies are available Cannot usually change accommodation
Pastoral Care Wardens available and subwardens at larger residences Usually no pastoral care - may be limited provision at large residences
Flatmates Cannot choose flatmates Can choose flatmates
Advance Booking Can book accommodation before arrival Not recommended to book before arrival
Cleaning Rubbish removed and communal areas cleaned Usually no cleaning service provided
Accessibility of landlord Management office on site (except in the smaller residences) and Accommodation Office on campus Varies
Security 24 hour security patrols Varies
Repairs and maintenance Customer Service Promise issued to all residents, stating response times for any repairs or maintenance Varies
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