Accommodation - University of Leeds

How to Pay

What's included in the instalment plan?

If you have set up an instalment plan to pay your accommodation fees, the following charges will be covered by your instalment plan:

  • Rent
  • Residents' committee fees (where applicable, please see your contract for further details)
  • Administration charges (eg movement and exit fees)
  • Bedding Packs *
  • Kitchen essentials packs *
  • Parking/Motorcycle permits * (excludes James Baillie Park and The Tannery)
  • *Please note, bedding packs, kitchen essentials packs and parking permits are all optional. If you purchase any of these, the cost will be included in your instalment plan.

Some charges are not included in the instalment plan and will require an extra payment. Your residence statement will show any amounts due which are not covered by the instalment plan.

  • Damage charges
  • Disciplinary Fines
  • Late payment charges

Please note, these lists are not exhaustive. You should always check your residence statement to ensure no extra payments are required.

  1. Paying your deposit
  2. Paying your rent - FULL YEAR CONTRACT (2017/18)
  3. Paying your rent - SEMESTER 1 CONTRACT ONLY (2017/18)
  4. Paying your rent - SEMESTER 2 CONTRACT ONLY (2017/18)
  5. Paying your rent - TERM 1 & 2 CONTRACT ONLY (2017/18)
  6. Important Information
  7. What's included in the instalment plan?
  8. Useful Contact Details