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Welfare & Support

Welfare & Support


All University residences have wardens (members of University teaching or administrative staff) who you can go to during term time for advice or for help sorting out any problems. If you are having particular problems with your accommodation we encourage you to speak to your warden who will do everything they can to help you. Wardens at all residences hold advisory sessions during term time, no appointment is usually necessary. Most sites also have resident subwardens, usually postgraduate or mature students, which means there's someone there 24 hours a day during term time in case of emergencies.

Help and advice

Your warden may put you in contact with the relevant agencies within the University concerned with the welfare of students, including The International Student Office, The University Counselling Services, Equality Service, The Chaplaincy and several others. You can also find out further information via the help@Leeds website. (See below for details.)

Disciplinary matters

Wardens are also responsible for maintaining discipline at your residence. They can only apply fines or warnings if you report and describe the problem - so if you're suffering, perhaps with noisy neighbours, let them know. If you can't attend an advisory session, email your warden and leave a note with the residence office or with us at the accommodation office.

Find your warden

To find out which Warden(s) look after your residence, and to see when they are available, visit our staff directory.


Subwardens are students of the University of Leeds who, under the direction of the Residence Wardens, are responsible for maintaining discipline and offering pastoral care for other students in residence.

They provide a responsible presence and help to create a positive living environment by protecting your right to sleep, study and be safe in your accommodation.

You can speak to your subwarden on any issues affecting your wellbeing, whether that be homesickness, a noisy neighbour, a falling-out with your flatmates, or any other concerns you might have. There's a subwarden on duty every weekday evening and over the weekends, meaning that there's always someone you can call on for support or advice. For your duty subwarden contact number click here.

Other than your Wardens or Subwardens, there is a wealth of support available to you at Leeds. Whether it's a personal issue you'd like to talk to someone about, or a problem related to your course, money matters or you need support for a disability or immigration advice, can point you in the right direction.

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