Accommodation - University of Leeds


What kind of person are you looking for?

The sub-warden position is ideal for a postgraduate student (or an undergraduate with a mature outlook), who possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the self confidence to deal with potentially challenging situations. You should be somebody who can be relied upon to work without supervision, as well as an effective team player. Besides previous experience of living in University accommodation (not necessarily in the UK), you must have experience of dealing with young people/students.

Will I get any training?

All sub-wardens recruited in advance of September will receive a comprehensive training package, which includes all the basics you need to know or be aware of (such as fire safety training, student mental health issues, typical sub-warden scenarios, and more). Those of you with no previous First Aid training will also receive a short, basic First Aid course (as numbers are very limited, anyone with previous First Aid training will not be eligible for the course).

You will also receive a sub-warden induction on site, carried out by your Warden(s) and/or Residence Manager.

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