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Maintenance Issues

We are responsible for providing you with secure accommodation, which includes sorting out any maintenance problems. There will be times when staff or contractors need access to your flat or room to inspect the communal areas or for statutory planned maintenance issues like fire alarm tests, but we will give you advance notice as appropriate.

If you discover a fault in your room or in the communal areas, tell the staff in your Residence Office as soon as possible. If you discover the fault outside office hours and you think it could be a safety risk, then please contact the subwarden on duty and/or University Security Services on 0113 343 5494. If the fault is not dangerous, then please report it to the residence office on the next working day. If you are unable to report the fault in person, you may report it by email to your Residence Office. Remember to keep your copy of the Fault Report Acknowledgement Form you will be given when you report the fault. The form will give you an estimate of how long it will take to make the repair.

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