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Health & Safety

Fire Safety

Please don't take any chances where fire is concerned. Take a few minutes to read these simple guidelines - it could save lives.

The doors to your room and kitchen are fire doors and should be kept closed. They are fitted with metal door-closing mechanisms at the top to make sure that the doors close and prevent the spread of fire and smoke. If you prop your fire door open it will be dealt with as a disciplinary offence.

There are heat and/or smoke detectors in your accommodation. Heat detectors are activated by the rate of heat rise within a room and are not affected by smoke, steam, etc. from kitchens or by cigarette smoke. Smoke detectors are sensitive to quite small amounts of smoke, steam or dust. You must not cover the detectors in any way as this will stop them working. Don't unscrew them either - you'll activate the fire alarm and you will be fined.

There are extinguishers and fire blankets in your residence (if you are living in catered halls, there are also water hoses).You should familiarise yourself with the location of the fire safety equipment and where the fire exits are - don't assume your usual exit route will be available in a fire.

The fire extinguishers have a tag fitted around the handle which shows that the extinguisher is in good working order and is ready to use. To use the extinguisher, tear off this tag and follow the instructions. If you use an extinguisher, or if you notice any missing or damaged tags, you must report it to the Residence Office immediately or you might be charged for a replacement extinguisher. You must also tell the office if you use an extinguisher, so the contents can be replaced. Otherwise you will be charged for a new one.

Due to the fire risk, you're not allowed portable electric or gas heaters or cooking equipment in your accommodation. You must not use any items which may have a naked flame for example, candles and oil lamps, etc. Chip pans are a serious fire risk and so are banned in University accommodation. Never leave the kitchen when you're cooking! Make sure you close the kitchen door and remember to turn on the extractor fan and open the window as well.

If you know there is a fire then ring the fire brigade on 999 and University Security Services on 0113 343 2222 (emergency number).

If the fire alarm sounds you should always assume it's for real. Evacuate the building immediately and go directly to the assembly point. There is a note on the back of your room door that gives full instructions on what to do and where to assemble. Don't use the lifts. Remember to tell a member of staff that the fire alarm is sounding. If there is a fire then telephone the Fire Service on 999.

We ask students not to store bikes or anything else in corridors, stairwells or foyers, as they can cause an obstruction in the event of an evacuation.

You should not return to your room until a Fire Officer, University Security Officer, member of residence staff, warden or subwarden gives you permission. There may be a delay between the silencing of the alarm and the instruction to return to your flat to allow safety checks to be carried out.

Unfortunately, sometimes the fire alarm is activated by someone deliberately breaking the glass of a call point, which is a criminal offence. Anyone who activates the fire alarm for no good reason will be fined. Evacuation of buildings is extremely disruptive and we need to ensure that such disruption is kept to a minimum. If a fire alarm or smoke detector goes off because of irresponsible behaviour, such as leaving the kitchen door open whilst cooking, or leaving the cooker on or unattended, then you can also expect to pay a fine.

Students in wheelchairs are provided with a Personal Emergency Egress Plan (PEEP) when they arrive at University.

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