Accommodation - University of Leeds

Behaviour, Rules & Regulations

Respect for your accommodation

  • You may not use your room for any business purposes or illegal activity
  • Pets are not allowed in your accommodation. Only guide dogs are permitted
  • Don't tamper with any electrical equipment, gas installations/appliances or any fire-fighting equipment (without good reason)
  • Due to the fire risk, you're not allowed portable electric or gas heaters or cooking equipment in your accommodation. You must not use any items which may have a naked flame or produce heat, for example, candles and oil lamps, etc
  • Chip pans are a serious fire risk and so are banned in University accommodation. If you want to deep-fry food then you have to use an electric fryer with a thermostatic control
  • Do not bring weapons of any kind, such as knives, airguns or swords (even if they are only ornamental)
  • Report any damage to your accommodation promptly, using the reporting procedure set out in your residence handbook
  • Pay for any damages that you cause, either through negligence, deliberate act or accident. You will also be charged for any damages that may be caused within an area over which you have sole or joint control, if the person who has caused the damage cannot be identified
  • Don't do it Yourself! You mustn't install services or make any alterations/repairs to your room without getting permission from your residence manager. You must not engage any third party or contractor to do this either
  1. Respect for others
  2. Respect for your accommodation
  3. Rent and Utilities
  4. Cars and bikes
  5. Guests
  6. Drugs