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Fines & Charges

Minor Offences

A small number of students put the safety of others at risk by their anti-social behaviour. There are three levels of offences: minor, serious and major.

A minor offence is usually something like making excessive noise, being disorderly or causing minor damage to property. Wardens can give a warning or a fine and in some cases you may be required to attend any appropriate training. You will also be charged for any damage caused. You may appeal to the Head of Residential Accommodation. We will give seven days notice of the appeal hearing. If you need any independent advice, or think you've been treated unfairly, you should talk to staff in the Student Advice Centre in the Union.

The following offences are examples of what may constitute a 'minor' offence. Repeat offences may be classified as 'serious' (see below).

Inconsiderate or Inappropriate Behaviour
Min £ (per person) Max £ (per person)
Inappropriate driving or use of vehicle (in addition to a fine you may have your parking permit revoked) 15 50
Littering or throwing objects from windows 15 100
Causing unacceptable levels of noise 15 100
Verbally abusive or offensive conduct 15 50
Minor damage to property 15 50

Fire Risks
Min £ (per person) Max £ (per person)
Propping open a fire door, obstructing fire exits or interfering with any self-closing device 15 50
Interfering with smoke/heat detectors or fire alarm sounders 50 100
Activating a smoke/heat detector without due care e.g. by cooking 15 100
Discharging a fire extinguisher without due cause Fixed £100
Activating a fire alarm call point negligently or deliberately without due cause 50 100
Obstructing fire crews, residence staff, wardens, subwardens and security staff or refusing to co-operate with them Fixed £100
Failure to evacuate the building if there is an alarm 15 50
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