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Fines & Charges

Serious Offences

Serious offences can include repeated minor offences, causing damage to property, anti-social behaviour - particularly involving other residents, and possession (without intention to supply) of illegal drugs or other banned substances.

The warden reports serious offences to the Head of Residential Accommodation. The Head, or his nominee, will investigate the matter and forward the case to the Residences Disciplinary Committee for further action. The residents concerned in the incident are informed of all the proceedings and paperwork, are given the opportunity to respond to the allegations made and are notified as to the date of any Disciplinary Hearing, at which their attendance is required.

Residents who commit serious or major offences could be asked to leave their accommodation either temporarily or permanently.

  1. Minor Offences
  2. Serious Offences
  3. Major Offences
  4. Charges
  5. Appealing against a charge