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Fines & Charges


We appreciate that fixtures and fittings can wear out during normal use. If, however, you cause damage deliberately or through carelessness, you will be charged the full cost of repair. If damage is caused in the communal areas, and we don't know who's responsible, we'll charge all residents who have joint responsibility for the area. If we decide to make a charge we'll send you a Notice of Intent to Charge which explains what the charge is for and how much it is.

Iron burnTake a look at the picture of the iron burn. The whole carpet had to be replaced (it is never possible to 'patch' a carpet) which, in a large bedroom, cost the occupant hundreds of pounds. (Incidentally, we provide ironing boards in all our accommodation!)

Repairs can be costly for other reasons. Our University approved contractors are required to tackle any job, big or small, at short notice on any day and at any time of the year, and meet the highest quality and health and safety standards. This level of service inevitably comes at a higher price.

The conclusion? Fill in your inventory form correctly at the start of the year and treat your accommodation with respect. That way you will have your full accommodation deposit refunded to you at the end of the year.

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