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Fines & Charges


We appreciate that fixtures and fittings can wear out during normal use. If, however, you cause damage deliberately or through carelessness, you will be charged the full cost of repair. If damage is caused in the communal areas, and we don't know who's responsible, we'll charge all residents who have joint responsibility for the area. If we decide to make a charge we'll send you a Notice of Intent to Charge which explains what the charge is for and how much it is.

Iron burnTake a look at the picture of the iron burn. The whole carpet had to be replaced (it is never possible to 'patch' a carpet) which, in a large bedroom, cost the occupant hundreds of pounds. (Incidentally, we provide ironing boards in all our accommodation!)

Repairs can be costly for other reasons. Our University approved contractors are required to tackle any job, big or small, at short notice on any day and at any time of the year, and meet the highest quality and health and safety standards. This level of service inevitably comes at a higher price.

The conclusion? Fill in your inventory form correctly at the start of the year and treat your accommodation with respect. That way you will have your full accommodation deposit refunded to you at the end of the year.

Damage charges are shown below:

Furniture/Soft Furnishings
Replacement mattress
£52.25 - £55
Broken bed base (4' & 4'6")
Broken bed base (Single)
Damaged desk chair
£72 - £150
Damaged wardrobe
Damaged study bedroom w/top/desk
Replace kitchen chair
£48 - £70
Replace bedroom mirror
£35 - £100
Replacement sofa (2 seats)
Replacement sofa (3 seats) £220
Replace window blinds
Subject to quote
Replace curtains
£90 - £210

Electrical Equipment
Replacement fridge/freezer
£200 - £280
Replacement freezer accessories
Replacement 'Dometic' mini fridge
Replacement cooker grill pan
Replacement microwave
£50 - £84
Replacement microwave plate
Replacement kettle
Replacement iron
Replacement vacuum cleaner
Replacement TV (26")
Replacement TV (32")
Replacement TV remote control

General Items
Replacement ironing board
Replacement dust pan and brush
Replacement mop and bucket
Replacement 50ltrs swing bin
Replacement damaged worktop
Subject to quote

Replace wash hand basin
Subject to quote
Replace toilet pan
Subject to quote
Replace toilet seat
Subject to quote
Electrical Fittings
Replacement light covers
Subject to quote
Replacement heating controls
Subject to quote
Replacement light switch
Replacement sockets Subject to quote
Lock Changes
Lock change during office hours (including new key)
Fobs/cards/additional keys
£10 - £20
Bike shed/mail key
Replace laundry card
Misuse of Safety Equipment
Fire door auto closer (reinstate or replace)
£15 - £50
Damage to smoke/heat detectors or sounders
£150 - £250
Window safety lock replacement
Call out for fire extinguisher (plus inspection)
Subject to quote
Refill fire extinguisher (Water 9ltr)
Subject to quote
Replace fire extinguisher (CO2)
Subject to quote
Refill fire extinguisher (Foam)
Subject to quote
Replace fire extinguisher (Powder 2kg)
Subject to quote
Replace fire blanket
Subject to quote
Replacement of either study bedroom, hall or lounge carpet (per m2)
Cleaning of study bedroom carpet
Cleaning of hall carpet
£30 - £50
Cleaning of lounge carpet
Replacement carpet tiles (first tile, £5 thereafter)
£10 per single tile
Redecoration (per m2)
Cleaning Charges
Bathroom deep clean
Kitchen deep clean
Ensuite deep clean
Communal bathroom deep clean

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  3. Major Offences
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  5. Appealing against a charge