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Cleaning & Laundry

Who's responsible?

We ask you to keep your bedroom and communal areas clean and tidy. In all our accommodation, it's your responsibility to wash up, keep surfaces clear and clean any microwaves, fridges or ovens yourself.

We regularly clean the stairwells and any common rooms each week, as well as the showers in non en suite accommodation. Other areas, however, you take care of yourself.

When groups of people are sharing a flat or house it's easy for the property to become dirty and untidy, as everyone thinks that someone else will do the cleaning for them. So follow our cleaning tips on the next page for a better living environment.


We'll inspect your accommodation regularly. If your accommodation fails an inspection you'll be given a short time to improve it before we re-inspect. Any property in a poor or dirty state at re-inspection will be cleaned by contract cleaners and the charges will be passed on to all the residents who share the space.

Sentinel Towers kitchen diner

  1. Who's responsible?
  2. Tips for a dirt-free home
  3. Keep the water flowing
  4. Laundry facilities