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Tips for a dirt-free home

It's best to tackle the issue of cleaning when you move in. The easiest thing to do is draw up a rota with your flatmates so that you take it in turns. Get into the habit of cleaning up after yourself in all communal areas, washing your dishes, cleaning out the shower, etc.

Regularly take out your rubbish but be careful disposing sharp objects in the bin; either wrap them in newspaper or take them to the external dustbins.

If you've been cooking, clean the cooker/microwave afterwards. Food that's burnt on is harder to remove. Clean the kitchen appliances with a damp cloth or with a kitchen multisurface cleaner. For dried-on food and tough stains, soak with kitchen cleaner and use a non-scratch scouring pad to remove. Avoid abrasive scouring creams or you'll damage the surface of the appliances. Wash up after eating rather than piling your things in the sink 'to soak' - it's not fair on others who want to use it.

Fridge/freezers need to be defrosted to work properly and keep your food safely. If ice builds up, unplug the fridge and use sponges to soak up the water as the ice melts. Once free of ice, wipe the inside with multisurface cleaner and dry. If you spill anything in the fridge, wipe it up immediately.

Bathrooms can quickly become very unpleasant. Wash out baths/showers when you've used them and take hair etc out of the plughole to avoid blockages. Use a toilet brush and clean the toilet regularly with toilet cleaner or bleach (but never use these two products together as they produce toxic gas when combined).

If you do all of this, and keep your carpets and floors swept and vacuumed, you'll be well on your way to a pleasant home environment, a harmonious flatshare, and a successful inspection.

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