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Room Transfers

Swap with another student

You can check our swaps notice board in the foyer of the Student Services Centre (in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building) to see if there's another student you can swap with. To advertise your room on the notice board fill in a Swaps Notice Form (available from the Student Services Centre) giving details of where you live now and where you would like to move to. Students interested in swapping with you will contact you by phone or email.

  • you can usually only swap with someone of the same gender
  • if one of you is withdrawing from the University or leaving accommodation, this does not count as a swap
  • undergraduates are not able to swap with postgraduates

Once you have found a match you must both come to the Student Services Centre with your accommodation contracts so that we can approve the swap and complete the necessary paperwork.

Notices will be displayed for 1 month only so you will need to complete another form if you would like to continue advertising your room.

Students who move or swap rooms will each be charged a £40 administration fee which will be added to your residence account.

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