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Leaving your accommodation

Leaving early

There is much to consider if you are thinking of leaving University accommodation before your contract ends. If you wish to leave because you are experiencing  difficulties in your residence e.g. with noise or not getting on with your flatmates, you should contact your Warden in the first instance to see what can be done to assist you. In most cases, issues can be resolved without the need to leave University accommodation altogether.

If you have explored all other options and have made up your mind to leave University accommodation, please bear in mind the following points:

By accepting and paying a deposit for a place in University accommodation, you have accepted the contract for the duration stated on the contract. If you then decide to live somewhere else or you want to cancel the contract, you'll still be liable for the rent until a replacement is found.

If you have extenuating circumstances and want to be released from your contract you can put your request in writing, giving your reasons, and send the letter along with any supporting evidence to the Accommodation Manager. We will acknowledge your request and will let you know if we are able to release you. We can fill your room only after all other vacancies have been filled so the earlier you ask the more likely it is to happen.

You will need to contact the Accommodation Office to make arrangements for your final bill as any existing instalment plans will be cancelled.

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