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It's important to note that although we guarantee an offer of accommodation, like most other Universities we can't guarantee to give your son or daughter their most preferred residence; some of our residences are just more oversubscribed than others.

Although we are unable to house everyone in their most preferred residence, we do all that we can to make the process fair. The allocation process is not 'first come, first served' and we use a computerised auto allocation system which matches as many students as possible to their preferred residence.

We don't allocate anyone until after the 1st July deadline and most students will be emailed their offer of accommodation after the A Level results in August. It takes several weeks to allocate everyone so your son or daughter should not be concerned if their friends receive their offer of accommodation before them. With so many students to allocate, we just can't send all our allocations at once.

If your son or daughter is not allocated their most preferred residence, we use the details submitted on their application to try and offer an alternative that meets their preferences. For example, most students wish to have an en suite and be close to campus, but we only have a limited number of these rooms. What we try to do is take their preferences into consideration and perhaps offer an en suite room, but it might be a little further from campus. Or a room in a residence close to campus, that shares a bathroom with other students.

We do only send one offer of accommodation so it's important to be realistic with the offer they have been sent. We often have new students and parents who call us because they have not been offered their most preferred residence. Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do at that stage so you should try to remain positive. Please be supportive and encourage them not to let it reflect negatively on such an exciting time in their life.

We are very proud of all of our accommodation and we do find that most students love their accommodation once they have arrived, settled in and started to make friends. Enjoying your time in halls is often more about the friends you make and the University life experience rather than whether you were allocated your first choice accommodation!

If there are any medical or financial reason why the allocation is not suitable, your son or daughter should contact us immediately. We will try to help but we really should have been made aware of any influencing factors when they initially applied for accommodation.

Please note that if the offer we have sent is rejected, we will not be able to make another offer and your son or daughter will need to look for accommodation in the private sector.

We don't have a waiting list so we cannot take your son or daughter's details to offer them something else at a later date. There are options for those students who decide after they arrive that they would like to move. Room transfers and room swaps are available shortly after the start of term.

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