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Accommodation fees and data protection

Your son or daughter will need to pay a £200 deposit and set up an instalment plan when they accept their offer of accommodation. This tells Student Finance (Fees) how they intend to pay their rent. The instalment plan must be set up by the deadline or the full amount will be due immediately. The instalment plan can set up online here.

Even if you as a parent are paying the bill, the accommodation agreement is a contract between us and your son or daughter. Due to data protection, we can usually only discuss the details with them directly.

It's not that we don't want to talk to you, we just have to be careful in what information we can give you. We will happily to talk to you about any general queries, but we can't go into specific details unless we have your son or daughter's written permission for us to do so.

Any residence statements (accommodation bills) will be available to your son or daughter via the accommodation portal. If you need to know the details, you will need to ask your son or daughter to forward it to you.

Making a payment:

If you want to make an accommodation fee payment on behalf of your son or daughter, the easiest way to do so is online. You can also pay the £200 deposit over the phone, please contact Accommodation Services on 0113 343 7777. To pay accommodation fees/rent, you will need to contact Student Finance (Fees) directly on 0113 343 6054.

When you call to make any payments over the phone, please have your son or daughter's Leeds student ID number to hand (this is the number that begins with 200) otherwise we cannot process the payment. 

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