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Parents' Newsletter

Over the course of each academic year, we produce a series of newsletters for the parents and guardians of current students living in University accommodation.

The aim of the newsletter is to provide parents and guardians with useful information about our accommodation and to let everyone know what our current residents have been involved in during their time in halls.

A link to this newsletter is emailed to all parents and guardians who have had their email address registered by their son or daughter during the e-Intro, our online induction to life in halls at the University of Leeds. We also email all our current residents and ask them to forward you the link to this page. If you would prefer an email to be sent to you directly, you may wish to ask your son or daughter to register your email address. The e-Intro can be accessed throughout their time in halls by clicking the link available on the Portal homepage.

Newsletters for the 2016/17 academic year are available to download here:

 Autumn 2016/17

Ellerslie Global Residence mocktail party

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