Accommodation - University of Leeds



Unipol are more than just a housing organisation. They offer accreditation, training, advice or simply accommodation.

Honest, transparent, caring and not for profit. Unipol is a unique organisation - a charity, established in 1975 in Leeds, to help students find the best housing they can, to drive up standards and to be a beacon of good practice for other housing suppliers. Unipol now provides services throughout the country but our base and our own housing are still centred on Leeds and we have a special relationship with the colleges and universities and the students' unions (from whom our trustees are drawn) here. Unipol is dedicated to promoting high quality student accommodation that's affordable. We aim to do this by:

  • giving you straight forward information that allows you to make well informed choices about where you want to live and who to rent from
  • championing best practice and high standards
  • providing housing ourselves that lives up to the expectations of Unipol as a professional and caring charity

Unipol's operations are not for profit, which means no profit is taken from our operations and all monies received are invested back into the organisation in the form of services for students and tenants.

Visit the Unipol website to see comprehensive database of self-contained and shared properties in and out of the city centre.