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Re-locate - University of Leeds

Here you can find all of the information you need about working for one of the world's most successful international universities.

If you are considering relocating to Leeds, whether nationally or internationally, this site aims to help you decide if this city is the right place for you and your family to live and work.

If you decide to join us, this site has lots of practical information and support to help make your move as easy as possible.


Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau provide free, confidential and independent advice from over 3,000 locations. Their advice helps people resolve their debt, benefits, housing, legal, discrimination, employment, immigration, consumer and other problems and is available to everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, nationality, disability or religion.



Tenancy Deposit Protection

In England and Wales, if you pay a deposit to a private landlord or accommodation agency, your landlord must place it in a tenancy deposit protection scheme. This means you can be sure that you will get your deposit back at the end of the tenancy, as long as you are entitled to it. The tenancy deposit protection scheme also provides a service to sort out any disagreements about the deposit between you and your landlord, without going to court.