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About Charles Morris Hall

Fast Facts

  • 625 students
  • 460 in Storm Jameson Court (all en suite except for 3 standard rooms in one self-contained flat)
  • En suite rooms in Storm Jameson Court cost £192 - £198 per week
  • 165 in Dobree & Whetton Houses (most share a bathroom between 2 although there are 33 en suite rooms are available)
  • Standard rooms in Dobree and Whetton cost £167 per week
  • En suite rooms in Dobree and Whetton cost £177 per week
  • Your rent includes all utility bills (gas, electricity and water), wireless internet in your room, IPTV, contents insurance cover and Edge Club sports membership
  • Includes 12 meals per week
  • 39 week contract
  • On campus
  • Close to some of our other residences; Lyddon Hall, Ellerslie Global Residence, Henry Price and some Smaller Residences
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