If you are found to have contravened the terms of your accommodation contract or any University policy, we can take action under the General University Disciplinary Regulations and University Residences Disciplinary Regulations (found under point 6 of the Student Cases webpage). Misconduct is classed under three categories: minor, serious and major. Residents who commit serious or major offences could be asked to leave the accommodation either temporarily or permanently.

The Residence Life Warden at your residence will deal with most minor disciplinary issues. They can issue warnings, educational sanctions and fines up to £100 and other sanctions if appropriate. The Warden will always offer a meeting to allow explanation for any alleged offence. Serious and major offences will usually be reviewed by a committee hearing and can result in removal from residences or the University. Repeated minor offences may be classed as serious.  For further information, please refer to the regulations on the Student Cases webpage (point 6).

Appeals and advice

Provided that you have attended you meeting with the Residence Life Warden, you will also have the chance to appeal decisions of minor misconduct in accordance with University Residences Disciplinary Regulations. If you receive a disciplinary outcome letter, this will include details on how to appeal. If you need any independent advice, or think you've been treated unfairly, you should talk to staff in the Student Advice Centre in the Students’ Union, or contact them by email at


Below is a list of examples that will lead to disciplinary action and the potential fines for each offence. For a full accounting of our rules in halls of residence, please see our Policies and Procedures section´╗┐. 

Common offences that can lead to disciplinary action Potential fines
Excessive noise or noise in quiet hours (11pm – 8am normally, 24 hours in examination periods) £20 – £100 fine
Smoke detector covered £50 fine minimum
Damaging / interfering with safety equipment £50 fine minimum
Fire door propped open or obstructing exits £20 – £50 fine
Window restrictor removed £20 – £100 fine
Negligent alarm activation £20 – £50 fine
Failure to evacuate during fire drill / alarm £20 – £50 fine
Discharging a fire extinguisher without due cause £100 fine
Activating a fire alarm call point without due cause £50 fine minimum
Smoking, vaping, using e-cigarettes indoors (includes out of window) £20 – £50 fine
Intentional or negligent damage £20 – £100 fine. You can also be charged fully or in part for the cost of repairs/replacements
Littering or throwing objects from windows £20 – £100 fine
Rude/abusive behaviour to staff or other students £20 – £100 fine
Public urination £20 – £100 fine
Obstructing fire crews, residence staff, Residence Life Wardens, Residence Life Assistants or security staff or refusing to co-operate with them £100 fine