Customer Service Promise

Residential Services (RS) aims to provide you with a good standard of housing management and related services whilst you are living in University of Leeds owned and managed accommodation.

Our Customer Service Promise gives you clear information about the levels of service and quality of customer care that you can expect from us. By setting service standards, we can measure how well we are performing, and by providing appropriate feedback and complaint mechanisms, we can take action where our service falls short of those standards.

No organisation gets it right all the time – if things go wrong, please bring it to our attention at the earliest opportunity, and we will do our best to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. We would encourage you to comment, complain or compliment us on any aspect of our service, and use the appropriate form that is held by all of our office. 

Our Customer Service Promise has been set as a result of regular feedback gained from the RS Student Accommodation Survey, and through our participation in the ANUK/Unipol Code of Standards for Larger Developments, which is recognised by the National Union of Students (NUS), and the University of Leeds.

We will:

  • listen and learn from the experiences of our customers
  • review our standards to make sure that we get the service right
  • regularly review our standards against feedback received from the RS Student Accommodation Survey

How you can help

To help us deliver our promise, we recommend that you:

  • be polite when speaking to University staff
  • read and comply with all the information that we provide you with
  • comply with requests to attend meetings on time
  • be patient, as some sites may be very busy at certain times of the day and year.

Key services

We will provide you with the following key services:

Customer care

We will:

  1. Be courteous and friendly whenever we speak to you, and staff will give their name to you when you call on the telephone.
  2. Identify ourselves with official University or RS name badges.
  3. Employ staff that are trained to deal with your accommodation enquiries or who can direct you to the most appropriate person or agency to deal with the problem.
  4. Honour any appointment we have made with you. If we cannot keep the appointment, we will tell you straight away.
  5. Treat enquiries in confidence    and with sensitivity.
  6. Acknowledge all written comments/complaints within 2 working days and then respond more fully within 7 days.
  7. If the matter is more complex and we cannot respond within 7 days, then we will provide you with approximate timelines and/or expectations for the investigation and full response.
  8. Promote equality and diversity. We will:
  • treat all individuals fairly, with dignity and respect
  • provide opportunities that are open to all
  • provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for all students, staff and visitors.

Our tenancy agreement

We will:

  1. Provide you with contractual terms under which the property is offered, including those relating to any fees payable in addition to rent, such as booking fees, utility charges, deposits, insurance and web or telephone costs.
  2. Ensure that any contracts used will not include terms that are in breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
  3. Investigate any breach of the tenancy agreement, and take appropriate action in line with both University and Residential Disciplinary Regulations, where applicable.
  4. Ensure that your deposit, subject to any deductions, rent arrears and/or disputes, is returned promptly.

Flat décor, utilities and services

We will:

  1. Ensure that all fixtures    furnishings & fittings    are clean and in a reasonable condition at the start of the tenancy, and that they comply with Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations.
  2. Complete an up to date inspection of your room/flat prior to your arrival, which indicates the level of provision of fixtures online inventory and when you record items on your inventory as not having met with your satisfaction, we will investigate your concerns and where appropriate will take action. Where no documented Residential Services inspection, prior to your arrival, can be provided, then no charge will be levied against the initial deposit at the end of the tenancy, in respect of deterioration in condition or losses.
  3. Ensure that all food preparation and storage areas managed by RS comply with appropriate standards required by Leeds City Council Environmental Health Officer, for the property.
  4. Allow the installation of further ‘free-standing’ items during your tenancy. In the event that they are deemed unsafe to either yourself or others, we reserve the right to request their removal. You must not make alterations to your accommodation (e.g. decoration, wall  fixtures    etc.), without the express authorisation of the Residence Manager or staff.
  5. Ensure that all residents’ rooms are cabled for data on the University network (except staff accommodation).
  6. In most accommodation a launderette facility is provided that is operated, leased and maintained by a contract company. In the event of  a problem or a fault, please notify the appropriate supplier via the details provided by them in the launderette, or contact the Residence office    The supplier response should be within 24 hours of the initial call, so please contact the site, should any problem arise in respect of this service.

N.B. In some flats a washing machine and drier is provided in your kitchen. If this appliance develops a fault, you should report the matter to staff who manage your accommodation.


We will:

  1. Provide a clean room at the start of your tenancy contract period.
  2. Provide you where possible with facilities to recycle and ask that you follow the guidelines in order to segregate waste correctly.
  3. Attempt to remove full kitchen refuse sacks from Monday to Friday, and provide replacement refuse sacks. Residents may be asked to remove their own refuse as well.
  4. Ensure that communal areas (entrances to buildings, stairwells and corridors) external to the hallway of shared flat and/or bedrooms are kept clean, free of obstructions, debris and spillages.
  5. Clean areas within your flat (but not your own bedroom or en-suite) once during the Christmas, Easter and summer vacations.
  6. Provide notice, where appropriate, of dates when we will carry out external window cleaning.
  7. Take appropriate action against tenants who fail to comply with the conditions of their tenancy agreement, especially with regard to any failure by the tenant to keep their accommodation properly clean, tidy and maintained in a good condition. We will serve written notice to tenants if we require them to improve standards of cleanliness or care for our property, reserving a right to charge tenants to cover any costs of rectifying poor conditions or standards if a tenant fails to do this.
  8. Provide clear written guidelines on the standard in which you should leave your accommodation at the end of the tenancy.

N.B. A detailed Cleaning Specification for each property will be held in your Residence office and will detail the standard of cleaning service we will deliver (available on request).

Property repairs, maintenance & management

We will:

  1. Serve at least 24 hours written notice before any routine inspection or planned maintenance visit by University staff or appointed contractors, with the exception of regular cleaning visits, (for which a schedule will be provided in each property). However, where you have previously reported a fault to site staff, vetted University contractors will be asked to enter your accommodation to effect speedy repairs. We may also need to enter your room without 24 hours notice if it’s an emergency. All staff and contractors will follow an agreed University procedure that respects your rights to privacy and quiet enjoyment of the property.
  2. Conduct up to three termly inspections of your accommodation, to ensure that it is maintained in a reasonable and safe condition.
  3. Provide a reactive maintenance service, all year-round, with an emergency response service 24 hours a day. Please contact your site staff during the working day, or email the residence office at any time. If the fault occurs outside of office    hours and it is an emergency, contact University Security Services on 0113 343 5494. Please report any repair/maintenance issue as soon as possible using your StarRez online account. You will receive an email confirmation of your report and regular updates until and once your repair has been completed. If you are unable to report your fault online you can do so at your residence reception during the site office opening hours. At a minimum, we maintain all University properties in line with relevant statutory legislation and the ANUK/Unipol Code of Standards for Larger Developments. Any repair or defect will be addressed on the following priorities: 

Priority One (Emergency) – Any issue considered as a risk to the safety of occupants and/or serious damage to the building. These issues will be responded to that day, and made safe within 24 hours.

Priority Two (Urgent) – Any issue that affects the comfort or convenience of the occupants. These issues will be completed within 3 working days.

Priority Three (Non-urgent) – Any issue not falling within previous categories. These issues will be completed within 10 working days.

N.B. In rare circumstances where these priorities cannot be achieved residents will receive regular updates.

  1. Ensure that all contractors are identified by corporate clothing and I.D. badges and are required to follow agreed entry procedures for residential accommodation, and are professional and courteous whilst in the accommodation.
  2. Ensure that all contractors are required to complete the work to a good standard, and leave your accommodation in both a safe and clean condition. Tenants are encouraged to report any subsequent or outstanding issues to their site staff.
  3. Maintain the grounds for all properties in a safe and tidy manner. We will make arrangements for a grounds maintenance for the general appearance of the property, and help minimise litter

Security, health & safety and welfare

We will:

  1. Provide a security service at your residence by making arrangements with the University’s Security Services to operate regular mobile vehicle and dog patrols (a Residence’s Site Security Plan is available at the Residence Office on request).
  2. Provide you with security guidance that you should read carefully and comply with, so that you can assist us in reducing the risk of crime.
  3. Provide reasonable external lighting at the entrances to each property and at any other location that is deemed necessary for crime prevention reasons.
  4. Make sure that the communal areas of your accommodation are adequately lit.
  5. Provide you with accommodation where the gas and electrical installations comply with current safety regulations. If you install your own electrical appliances, they must be correctly rated for use in the UK, and be in a safe condition.
  6. Provide an appropriate number of WC, bath and/or shower facilities, with a regular supply of hot and cold running water.
  7. Supply access to washing machines/dryers.
  8. Require all resident students to take responsibility for the security and health & safety of both themselves and others, in the way that they conduct themselves, whilst in University accommodation. We would also stress that you must report the loss of any key, door card or fob immediately, so that staff may take the appropriate actions to safeguard you and your fellow tenants

N.B. In the event of an emergency, contact University Security Services direct. For matters which are not of an urgent nature, e.g. for further advice/information on security, health & safety, please contact your Residence Office in the first instance, where further information will be available.

Security Contact Numbers:

Security Emergency Number: 0113 343 2222

University Crime Prevention Officer/CAMPUSWATCH: 0113 343 5005

Main Security Office: 0113 343 5494

Our Security Office will treat all enquiries professionally, and they will attend your property if you have a genuine concern, or have witnessed something suspicious. It is important that you report all criminal matters quickly, so that University Security and West Yorkshire Police can take the appropriate, timely action to help.

Support for residents

We will:

  1. Provide all resident students with a Warden, who is responsible for both welfare and discipline in University accommodation.
  2. Provide opportunities for resident students to meet their Warden and discuss any issues in a discreet and confidential environment.
  3. Provide advice and further contacts through the University Student Support Network, to address any issues that may be beyond either our experience or capability to deal with effectively.

Supervision of behaviour

We will:

  1. Require that all tenants show respect for the rules of residence, and for the rights of other residents to the quiet enjoyment of their accommodation.
  2. Require that all tenants receive and show respect towards University staff, contractors, and local residents.
  3. Provide opportunities for tenants to voice concerns about any inappropriate behaviour of other residents, to either site staff, wardens, or direct to the RS Main Office
  4. Enforce the Residences’ or University disciplinary procedures on any tenants who carry out inappropriate behaviour.

Energy & environmental management

We will:

  1. Set the temperature heating controls for your property to provide a reasonable level of heating whilst also minimising the generation of CO2 emissions.
  2. Provide you with information on how to use the heating and lighting in your accommodation.
  3. Provide you with information on your refuse collection facilities, including recycling facilities where appropriate. A Residence’s Site Waste Plan is available at the Residence Office on request.
  4. Provide further information on request on any other energy and environmental management issues that you might have.

How to contact us

To get help/advice

Please always contact your Residence Office in the first instance, as they may be best placed to deal with the matter quickly.

During office hours

Visit or email your Residence Office. Contact details and opening hours for Residence Offices are published on the Accommodation website contact us page

Alternatively, contact us at the Residential Services main office  

Residential Services
Facilities Directorate Building
University of Leeds
0113 343 6085

Out of Office Hours

Faults requiring an emergency repair or for security matters

  • Emergency Security Number: 0113 343 2222
  • Main Security Office: 0113 343 5494

To make further comments/complaints

Comments or complaints can be made using forms that are available at your Residence Site Office.