Welcome to Residence Life

Residence Life at the University of Leeds is all about making your experience in halls the best it can be.

Our dedicated Residence Life team organise events when you first move in and throughout the year to help you settle in and enjoy university! The Residence Life team is also here to offer you advice, guidance and support during your time in halls through our wonderful Residence Life Wardens and Residence Life Assistants.  

We believe that living in halls is a great way to experience student life, make new friends and be a part of a thriving student community. We do this through:  

  • Events and activities to help make your time in halls unforgettable 
  • Support that’s always there for you 
  • Helping you to develop key life skills 
  • A warm welcome to University life  

Events and activities to help make your time in halls unforgettable  

There’s plenty of fun ways to get involved with Residence Life. Throughout your time in halls we’ll have a full programme of exciting events to help you settle in, meet new people and try something new. In the past we’ve had llamas and alpacas visit halls, taken trips across Yorkshire and we even put on a quiz with Shaun Wallace from The Chase!  

As well as this, we encourage you to join the Residence Life Social Committee at your halls. These committees provide an opportunity for you to run events for your fellow residents. You’ll work with a budget and develop key professional skills including teamwork, running meetings and collecting feedback. 

Support that’s always there for you  

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Find out how our Residence Life Wardens and Residence Life Assistants will be there for you during your time living with us.

We want you to love your time in halls. We know that sometimes everyone needs a bit of help, so we ensure there is always support available whenever you need it. Our University Security Services are available 24/7, 365 days a year if you need emergency help, advice or assistance around safety and crime prevention.  

Each hall has a Residence Life Warden – members of University staff who are there to help with any issues you may have during term time. Our disciplinary system is here to both keep you safe and to help you understand how to live as part of a community. If you do have any problems, your Residence Life Warden will work with you to solve them and help you to develop essential life skills such as managing conflict. You can contact your Residence Life Warden via email or they will have set times where you can pop in for a chat with them.  

When you move into halls, you’ll be given the mobile number of the Residence Life Assistants (RLAs) at your hall – our RLAs are experienced students who live in at most sites. You can speak to them about any issues affecting your halls experience and wellbeing, or even if you’re just locked out!  

Altogether the support from Residence Life ensures that in term time there’s someone on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need them.  

Helping you to develop key life skills 

We are committed to ensuring that your time in halls helps you to develop new skills and be prepared for wherever life takes you. We will enable you to be part of a supportive, welcoming and safe community in halls and we hope to help you develop new life skills and grow your own self-awareness of who you are as a person. All of this will help you with both your studies at the University, and your own development as an individual. We know that living in halls is the best way to set you up for academic success and will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.  

A warm welcome to University life  

We know that moving to University can be a big life change, which is why we offer you a great welcome to University life with our programme of intake events and activities. These range from welcome BBQs and walking tours of Leeds to group trips to activities like bowling, crazy golf and pet therapy. Our support from Residence Life Wardens and RLAs is also always there if you need a bit of help and advice.  

We want you to love both your University experience and your time in Leeds.  We offer you lots of chances to join in with the wider University community such as Leeds University Union (LUU), as well as with the local Leeds community through volunteering activities. We’ll also help you to learn about living independently if you’re planning on moving into private rented accommodation after your time with us.