Residence Life Social Committee

The Residence Life Social Committee (RLSC) provides you with the opportunity to run events for other students and to make the most of your time in halls.  

You'll meet regularly and work within a budget to plan exciting social events, fundraisers and campaigns. It’s a great way to meet people, get involved in the community and to develop important professional skills including event management, teamwork and time management. You will also get to be part of a wider personal development development programme focused on expanding your leadership and teambuilding abilities.  

This opportunity is available to anyone living in residences, and you can apply here. The deadline to apply for the 2022/23 academic year is Sunday 9 October, but we will continue to accept applications after this date. 

In previous years, Residence Life Social Committees have organised events such as: 

  • Residence balls 
  • Trips to UK destinations 
  • Go-karting  
  • Bowling 
  • Themed mixers 
  • Musical performances 
  • Cultural events such as celebrations for Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Eid, and Bonfire Night 
  • Movie nights 
  • Murder mystery night 
  • Games night 
  • Sports tournaments 

Time commitments 

  • Mandatory training on Saturday 22 October 2022 for the full day 
  • Teambuilding and development days in each semester for all the Residence Life Social Committees 
  • Weekly meetings and attendance at all events 
  • Additional training sessions will be organised if required 


The social committee for each residence is made up of: 

Please note that roles can be shared, so there can be more than seven people per social committee. 


  • Lead the Social Committee to plan and deliver events as a team 
  • Act as chair for weekly meetings 
  • Actively participate in all social committee activities 
  • Complete event proposals and event evaluations on StarRez (with the Secretary) 
  • Take the lead on completing the planning calendar 
  • Responsible for completing and submitting risk assessments on time (with the Secretary) 


  • Complete budgets for each event  
  • Oversee all financial transactions of the social committee and ensure spending does not exceed the annual budget  
  • Process invoices and reimbursements on the Engage platform 
  • Manage ticket sales on the Engage platform or other platforms (with the Marketing Rep) 
  • Support other social committee members to plan and deliver events 


  • Take and circulate minutes of social committee meetings 
  • Construct and circulate agenda for social committee meetings where required and be the main point of contact 
  • Manage the Teams folder for your social committee 
  • Support the President with completing event proposals, event evaluations and risk assessments in a timely manner 
  • Support other social committee members to plan and deliver events 

Marketing Rep 

  • Responsible for all event promotion via dedicated Instagram and Facebook pages 
  • Draft any email comms to be sent to residents 
  • Ensure that residents are aware of the social committee and help to increase visibility of the programme 
  • Use the resources provided to design and distribute promotional posters  
  • Manage ticket sales on the Engage platform or other platforms (with the Treasurer) 
  • Support other social committee members to plan and deliver events 

Sports Rep 

  • Plan and lead sports and exercise events for a range of participation and ability levels 
  • Work with other Sports Reps to coordinate cross-residence events, fundraisers, tournaments and/or leagues 
  • When running a league, recruit residents, coordinate the match schedule and keep scores 
  • Support other Social Committee members to plan and deliver events 

Sustainability Rep 

  • Plan and lead events that raise environmental awareness and include sustainable action 
  • Work with other Sustainable Reps to coordinate cross-residence events, fundraisers and campaigns 
  • Advocate for sustainability within the social committee and consider environmental impacts at all stages of planning 
  • Support the work of Residential Services and its Student Sustainability Architects, in delivering Blueprint actions (our programme of sustainability impacts) within residences.  
  • Support other social committee members to plan and deliver events 

Wellbeing Rep 

  • Plan and lead events and campaigns to support the physical and mental wellbeing of residents 
  • Responsible for gathering input and feedback from residents about events run by the social committee 
  • Support the wellbeing of other social committee members  
  • Support other social committee members to plan and deliver events