Getting food and essential supplies delivered

This page will help you to order food/essential supplies to your residence if you cannot go to the shops yourself or you do not have a friend who can go to the shops for you.

We have listed lots of different ways you can get food and other essential supplies delivered to you, however you may find other ways and the University does not endorse any one particular shop or service.

Remember, if you are self-isolating due to experiencing symptoms or a positive test result you must not leave your flat unless it is an emergency.

However, those who are self-isolating without symptoms due to recent international travel or for other reasons can leave their flat to go outside in very limited circumstances, provided as well that they don’t leave the residence site:

  1. To collect a delivery or food that has been delivered to the site
  2. To very briefly get a few minutes of fresh air should that be necessary

When doing so you should, wash and sanitise your hands, wear a face covering and maintain social distancing of 2 meters from others at all times. Please do not socialise with other residents or staff.

Online delivery from supermarkets 

All major supermarkets in the UK allow you to order food online and have them delivered to you.

You can use these delivery services for larger grocery shops or when you need more choice or variety. Supermarkets are the cheapest way of buying food however you might have to wait a few days before the next delivery slot is available.

You can order online or use the supermarket’s app which you can download from the Apple App store or Google Play store. You will have to create an account before you can make an order.

Next day food or essential supplies deliveries

If you require food or supplies quicker, there are a few services which allow you to get items delivered to you the next day. These include Amazon, as well as some supermarkets who sell ‘food boxes’. These are pre-packaged boxes delivered by a courier that contains a variety of ‘essential’ items. You can pay for these using debit/credit card.

Same day food or essential supplies deliveries

Same day food or essential supplies deliveries

Local businesses

If you’re new to Leeds, then here are some local businesses which offer a wide range of food delivery options — from veg boxes to ready meals.

  • Leeds City Market’s Facebook page — local traders with fresh ingredients.
  • My Deli Fresh — lots of fresh ingredients, but also a range of store cupboard items too.
  • Hungry Panda — supermarket which allows ordering in Mandarin
  • Sing Kee — another supermarket which allows online ordering in Mandarin
  • Market Garden Leeds — a big range of fruit and vegetables delivered in a box — great for making healthy and warming meals.
  • Organic Pantry and Riverford — two more local farms supplying fruit and vegetables.
  • Cook North Leeds — mainly meals that have already been prepared, which might be just the job if you’re not feeling up to cooking.
  • J Kellet Foods Limited — seems to be a wide range of goods here.
  • ParsleyBox — a wide range of meals available, which have the added advantage of not needing to be stored in a fridge or freezer.

Takeaway delivery apps

There are several popular fast-food platforms that you can use to order from a variety of local takeaway restaurants. You are also able to order from some supermarkets using these apps for express delivery, however the items on offer are very limited. You can order from them online or using apps available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can pay using a variety of method including cards and if ordering from your phone, using Apple/Google pay.

Other useful information

Need to know your address to order? 

You can find your address using our website:

I’m self-isolating due to symptoms or a positive test result and I’ve ordered food, what should I do now? Should I tell someone?

Ask a friend who is not self-isolating to collect your delivery and have them drop it off at the entrance to your flat.

Otherwise, tell your site team or Residence Life Assistant when your delivery will arrive so they can help ensure the food gets to your flat. In these circumstances and where possible, please try to order items for delivery during office hours so staff can assist.

You should not leave you flat to collect your food unless absolutely necessary, for example, if no staff are available to help and you do not have any friends (who are not self-isolating) to assist.

I’m self-isolating due to recent international travel or if I am self-isolating without symptoms, and I’ve ordered food, what should I do now?

When your delivery arrives, you can leave your flat to collect your food/supplies from the delivery driver. Wash and sanitise your hands, wear a face covering and maintain social distancing of 2 meters from others at all times. Please do not socialise with other residents or staff.

I’ve tried to order food/supplies but without success, can you help?

If you have tried to order food and/or supplies using the methods above and are still struggling then please get in contact with us at and we can provide help.

I’m an international student arriving in Leeds soon and will have to self-isolate. What should I do to get food and supplies when I arrive?

Please check our international arrivals page for details on how to self-isolate after arrival. You should let us know using the online self-isolating reporting form. This will ensure that you get the important information you need about self-isolating in residences.

You should also let the International Student Office know of your arrival time by completing the international arrivals form on their page, they are also able to support you by providing an essentials food box for when you arrive in Leeds.