Self-isolating in residences

This page gives you important information about self-isolating in University accommodation. 

When and how you should self-isolate

Reporting symptoms and test results

If you start to experience symptoms of coronavirus (covid-19) or you receive a positive test result, you must notify us as soon as possible by completing our University of Leeds residence self-isolating reporting form. The symptoms are: 

  • a new persistent cough, or
  • a high temperature, or
  • a loss of or change in your sense of taste or smell

NHS testing

If you are currently experiencing symptoms or start to do so during your time in self-isolation you should arrange to get tested through the NHS within 5 days of your symptoms starting. To find out if you are eligible to book a test please visit the NHS coronavirus testing website. If your test comes back positive, you should complete the University of Leeds residences self-isolating reporting form again immediately to notify us and the University. If your test result is negative then you should let us know this as well via email

Can I leave my flat?

Government guidance states that if you are self-isolating with symptoms or because you have tested positive for Covid-19, you should not leave your room/flat


Government guidance states that if you are self-isolating with symptoms or because you have tested positive for Covid-19, you should not leave your room/flat to smoke outside. Please remember you are not permitted to smoke indoors.

Fire alarms

If you are self-isolating and the fire alarm sounds for longer than 10 seconds and is not a test, you should evacuate immediately and once outside stand in your household two metres from others.

How long do I and/or my flatmates need to self-isolate for?

It is very important if you have symptoms or a positive test result that you let your flatmates know as following government guidance they will also need to self-isolate

Reason for self-isolation Self-isolation period for the student with symptoms/positive test result/been contacted by test and track Self-isolation period for flatmates of student
Positive test result 10 days from day of positive test result 10 days from the test date for the initial student 
Experiencing symptoms 10 days from symptoms starting 10 days from the date symptoms started for the initial student 
Told to do so by NHS test and track 10 days from last contact with the individual who has now tested positive No need to self-isolate unless you or another in your flat starts to develop symptoms
Travel through a country not on a travel corridor 10 days from the day after you arrived in the UK No need to self-isolate unless you or another in your flat starts to develop symptoms


Food and other essential supplies 

Online deliveries 

If you need to get any food or essential supplies, please consider utilising online delivery services or asking a friend to shop for you, you can find more information on this here. If you are still struggling to order food, please contact or call 0113 343 5068 during office hours. 

Catered students  

If you are a catered student, during your self-isolation we will make arrangements for your meals to be delivered to your flat. However, before we can do so you must complete this form to advise us of your dietary requirements.  

Self-catered students 

In the first instance you should try to order food using online delivery services, or asking a friend who is not self-isolating to shop for you and drop the food off at your flat door. Please let the site team know by phone or email and during working hours, they will facilitate getting your food to you by leaving it outside your flat door. Out of hours please contact night staff, student ambassadors at your site or the RLA. 

If you struggling to get food delivered through supermarkets, online delivery services or from a friend, please contact us at or call 0113 343 5068 during office hours. 

Sharing communal facilities

Kitchens and bathrooms

During your period of self-isolation you should try to minimise your use of the kitchen and any communal bathrooms that are in your flat. When you do use them, try to do so when no one else is. If you don’t already have one a WhatsApp group or similar may help you and your flatmates to coordinate this, or you could create a rota. Remember that once you have finished using these areas you must clean up thoroughly by washing/wiping everything you have touched with detergent and water.


If your residence has communal laundrette facilities, following UK government guidance during your period of self-isolation and for a further three days following the completion of your self-isolation, you will not be able to use these facilities. If you do find that you don’t have enough clean clothes during this time then we can provide you with products to help handwash your clothes – just contact the Residence Life team via

We have put arrangements in place with contactless laundry provider PingLocker to enable them to collect and return your laundry from outside your flat door. The process is completely covid-safe and is available even if your flat is self-isolating. More information on how to book and what the service involves can be found here:

If your flat has its own washing machine in the kitchen, this can be used during your self-isolation. 

Post, maintenace and refuse collection

Post and parcels

Post and parcels for our residences are delivered to the residence site office. If during your self-isolation you are expecting an important parcel or letter (such as a bank card or medication) you should email the site team and let them know. They will bring the letter and/or parcel to your flat. Alternatively you can send a friend who is not self-isolating to reception to collect the parcel. Site teams will keep any post/parcels that arrive for you at the site office until your isolation period is over.


We hope that you don’t experience any maintenance issues and normally we would fix these as soon as possible after they are reported. However, whilst you are self-isolating we will only attend to fix urgent maintenance works in your room or flat. We will attend to any non-urgent maintenance works at the end of your self-isolation period.

Please log any maintenance issues via the Maintenance tab in the Accommodation Portal. This allows the residence staff to send you updates on the progress of your request. If you are living in one of our partner sites (CitySide, Grayson Heights, iQ Leeds, James Baillie Park, Leodis, Clarence Dock Village (formerly Liberty Dock), Mary Morris, Oxley, Royal Park Flats or The Tannery), or are having trouble accessing the Accommodation Portal, then you can report the fault to the staff in your residence site office.

If you discover the fault outside office hours and you think it could be a safety risk, please contact the Residence Life Assistant on duty and/or University Security Services on (+44) 0113 343 5494. 

Refuse collection

Residence Arrangments for refuse collection
Central Village, Charles Morris, Devonshire, Ellerslie, Henry Price, Lupton, Lyddon, Montague Burton, North Hill Court, Sentinel Towers & St Marks Please double bag rubbish and leave this outside your flat door on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday by 10am and this will be collected for you. 
CitySide, Oxley, Royal Park Flats, Shared Houses Please keep refuse in your flat until your self-isolation period is over and then decant to the bins on site
Blenheim Point Please double bag rubbish and leave this outside your flat door, the cleaner will collect each morning
Clarence Dock Village, James Baillie Park, The Tannery, White Rose View Please leave full refuse bags of waste neatly tied and free of leakages outside your flat door
iQ Leeds Please leave full refuse bages of waste neatly tied and free of leakages outside your flat door by 11am, Monday to Friday.
Leodis Place refuse in bags outside your flat door for collection and advise the site team of this, between 9am to 5pm


Need further support or have questions?

Please contact your Residence Life Warden via email, or out of hours you can contact your Residence Life Assistant or Security Services on (+44) 0113 343 5494. 

You can also find information on all the support available across the University on the help and support pages.