Become a Residence Life Assistant

Do you want to develop your leadership skills, help support your fellow students and stay in University accommodation for free? 

Then become a Residence Life Assistant! Residence Life Assistants are full-time students who as part of the Residence Life Team, help to provide a responsible presence in residences overnight and on weekends, as well as creating a positive environment for students. Students can speak to their Residence Life Assistant on any issues affecting their wellbeing – homesickness, a noisy neighbour, problems with their flatmates or any other concerns.

There is a Residence Life Assistant on duty every weekday evening and 24 hours at weekends/University closed days during term-time, so there's always someone students in the residence can call on for support or advice.

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Hear from some of our current Residence Life Assistants

Applications are now closed

Applications to be a Residence Life Assistant for the 2022/23 academic year have now closed. If you wish to register your interest in becoming a Residence Life Assistant in the future then please complete this form and we’ll be in touch if applications reopen. 

What's involved

You'll work as part of a team with three or four other Residence Life Assistants in your residence. You take it in turns to provide a responsible student presence during evenings and weekends.

You act as a link between the Residence Life Warden(s), residence office staff and students.

Typical duties could include but are not limited to:

  • responding to any calls received on the Residence Life Assistant duty mobile
  • welcoming students at intake weekend
  • helping new residents settle in
  • offering help and advice to residents, in some cases signposting them to professional support services
  • dealing with noise complaints
  • breaking up unauthorised parties
  • admitting locked-out students or new arrivals to their rooms
  • being present in the residence office or other communal area at designated times to deal with enquiries
  • visiting flats on a regular basis
  • conducting welfare checks on students
  • attending and providing support at social events organised by the residents’ Halls Exec
  • assisting in fire drills

Working hours

Each residence operates a rota and you’d be on duty for at least one day in every four. A weekday rota starts at 6pm and finishes at 8am the following morning. A weekend rota starts at 8am and finishes at 8am the following morning.

Each day/night involves periods of being “on duty” (when you are carrying out designated tasks) and periods of being “on call” (when you are available to respond to any calls you receive). A weekday night involves being “on duty” 6pm – 9pm and 10.30pm – 11.30pm, and being “on call” the rest of the time. A weekend involves being “on duty” 10am – 12 noon and 10.30pm – 11.30pm, and being “on call” the rest of the time.

When you’re on call you are free to carry on with your studies or sleep as normal until you receive a call. You should stay on site or not more than 10 minutes’ walk away. You need to keep the duty mobile phone with you at all times so you can deal with any issues.

Skills and experience

The Residence Life Assistant position is open to any full time registered undergraduate or postgraduate students at the University of Leeds with a mature outlook, who have:

  • at least 6 months’ experience of living in halls type accommodation (not necessarily in the UK)
  • a willingness to participate in the community life of the residence
  • excellent communication skills
  • the ability to handle disciplinary or welfare issues responsibly
  • good problem solving skills
  • excellent social skills
  • the ability to work well independently and as part of a team
  • the ability to use your own judgement and initiative to make decisions
  • a willlingness to be resident in allocated accommodation until the end of the appointment period (except for limited unavoidable absences)
  • an understanding of the needs of students resident in University accommodation

and have experience of:

  • a position of responsibility with students or young people (aged 16 – 25)
  • organising social, sporting and cultural activities
  • leading a team


All Residence Life Assistants recruited before September receive a comprehensive training package, including fire safety training, student mental health issues, typical Residence Life Assistant scenarios, and more. We also run a short, basic first aid course for those who don’t already have some first aid training. You also receive a site induction from your Residence Life Warden(s) and/or Residence Manager.

Training is a compulsory requirement of the Residence Life Assistant role and for 2022/23 this training will take place from Monday 5 September 2022 to Friday 9 September 2022. If you are not able to make these dates, we would recommend that you do not apply for this role as due to the intensity of training we are unable to reschedule this.

Residence Life Assistant accommodation

To be an effective Residence Life Assistant you must live in the residence. This is a condition of the post.

We can’t tell you exactly what kind of accommodation you will get, as all of our residences are different. There is an opportunity at the application stage to make us aware of your preference for accommodation. Please note that we are not able to guarantee that you will be offered your preference.  Residence Life Assistants do not live together in a single flat but are instead spread around the residence, living amongst other, typically first year, residents. All rooms are single occupancy, meaning that we cannot offer RLA accommodation to couples or families.