Legal commitment

Be sure you understand your contract obligations and what happens if you change your mind. 

When you accept our accommodation offer this creates a legally binding contract. Make sure you fully understand your legal commitments before you accept.

You must accept your contract and pay your deposit within 4 days of the offer of accommodation. You accept the contract for the length of time stated (usually for the whole academic year from September to June/July). 

Make sure you read and understand the contract terms and conditions for your accommodation.
For James Baillie Park and Clarence Dock Village Terms and Conditions for 2022/23, click here
For all other residences' Terms and Conditions for 2022/23, click here

Because of the number of students requesting accommodation, and the popularity of certain residences and types of rooms, we cannot always offer everybody their preferred choice.

If you later decide to live elsewhere or you want to cancel the contract, you will still be liable for the rent, unless we can find another student to take over your accommodation. We will only do this after all other vacancies have been filled. So, the sooner you make your request, the more likely it is that we will be able to help you.

Read more about Leaving accommodation early or Leaving the University.