Swap with another student

You may be able to find another student who will exchange (swap) accommodation with you.


Be aware of these rules:

  • You can usually only swap with someone of the same gender.
  • It does not count as a swap if one of you is withdrawing from the University or leaving University accommodation.
  • Undergraduates are not able to swap with postgraduates.

Finding a swap

We can help find a suitable swap by filling in a Room Transfer and Swaps form (usually available from early October). Upon reviewing all requests, we may match your preferences with another student who wishes to move room and/or residence. If we identify a suitable room, we will arrange for you both to share your contact information so that you can view each person’s current room.

Arranging the swap

If you decide that you wish to proceed with a room swap, you should both fill out our Room Transfer form to confirm that you want to swap, and provide the details of the other person in the comments box. You will be required to agree and accept new contract terms before exchanging keys and agree to ensure the room is clean for the new person to move in to. 

Students who move or swap rooms will each be charged a £50 administration fee, which will be added to your residence account.