Leaving accommodation early

There’s lots to consider if you are thinking of leaving University accommodation before your contract ends.

If you want to leave because you are experiencing difficulties in your residence, first contact your Residence Life Warden to see what they can do to help. Problems can often be resolved without the need to leave University accommodation.

If you have made up your mind to leave University accommodation, please remember:

By accepting the contract and paying a deposit for a place in University accommodation, you have accepted the contract for the length of time stated. If you later decide to live somewhere else or you want to cancel the contract, you will still be liable for the rent until we find another student to take over your accommodation. We will only fill your room after all other vacancies have been filled.

If it is the case that there is an exceptional reason why your circumstances have changed and you want to ask to be released from your contract, then tell us. Please send an email to accom@leeds.ac.uk to explain your situation and include evidence that will support your position (e.g. a doctor's letter). We will acknowledge your request & give due consideration to your request.