End of your contract

About a month before your contract ends we will send you an e-mail explaining what you need to do before you move out..

It gives advice on, for example, leaving your accommodation clean and tidy, so that you are not charged for additional cleaning, and where to return the keys.

Here's what you need to do before you leave:

  • Anything that was issued to you at the start of your stay must be left clearly visible in its appropriate place when you leave. Anything left in cupboards, or not clearly visible, will be checked out as missing and you will be charged.
  • You are responsible for the communal items in your residence, such as vacuum cleaners, tables, chairs etc. Make sure that all these items are in their proper place.
  • Remove all posters carefully – don't damage walls or paintwork.
  • Empty and clean all kitchen cupboards.
  • Clear all rubbish from your room and kitchen. Take it to the outside bin.
  • Clean and tidy your room. Don't leave any possessions, as we will throw them away and you will be charged for rubbish removal.
  • Empty and clean the fridge and freezer. Leave the appliance switched on and the doors closed.
  • Make sure you share the cleaning and tidying of any communal areas fairly between you. Don't just expect the last person to leave to do it!
  • If there are some things that you don’t want to take, don’t just leave them in your room as they’ll be thrown away and you’ll be charged for this. There are plenty of options for donating unwanted items instead. Most halls have a British Heart Foundation collection bank outside – you can pick up donation bags from your hall’s reception desk and help fund lifesaving research. Have a look at what you can donate. The Union also organises a Leave Leeds Tidy campaign, taking what you don’t need and either recycling or giving it to a good cause. Check out your nearest drop-off point.
  • Have a chat with your second year housemates as soon as possible so you can plan who is bringing what for your new house. The British Heart Foundation will have a pop up shop outside the Union on 30 September, so you can always buy anything you don’t have from there.

Your mail

Remember to tell anyone who might write to you that you'll be leaving. We will hold mail for up to 10 days after your contract ends to give you the opportunity to collect it from your Residence Office. After 10 days, we will return all mail to the sender.

Staying on

Some accommodation is available over the summer vacation for students who will be staying in Leeds. Details and application forms are usually available from Accommodation Services (Student Services Centre) around April.

Every year we offer between 500 and 1,000 places to full-time students who want to stay in, or return to, University accommodation for another year. See Returning next year for more information.