We do not tolerate drug use or supply on University premises. Make sure you understand the consequences and where to get help.

The University has a legal responsibility to ensure that it does not allow its premises to be used for illegal drug activities. If you, or your guests, are involved in illegal drug activities you could be reported to the police. This also applies to anyone involved in such activities off University premises which impact on the University and its students or staff.

We take a particularly serious view of anyone involved in the supply of illegal drugs. This includes giving them to your friends. Remember, despite popular misconceptions, possession and use of cannabis is illegal.

Any matter involving illegal drugs will lead to action under the General University Disciplinary Regulations and will usually be reported to the police. There is no maximum fine for these offences and penalties can include being thrown out of the University.

Getting help and advice

If you are concerned about your own or other students' drug use, please think about talking to your personal tutor, the University Student Counselling Service, your warden or the Student Advice Centre in the students' union.

You can also find some further information about our policy, including a full list of support agencies here.

You'll find more information about the University's procedures and policies relating to misconduct here.