Respecting your accommodation

Living in University accommodation involves some strict rules and things you can’t do. You commit to these when you sign your contract.

  • Don’t use your room for any business purposes or illegal activity
  • You must not sublet your room
  • Guide dogs are the only animals permitted in your accommodation
  • No interfering with any electrical equipment, gas installations/appliances or any fire-fighting equipment (without good reason)
  • See our list of what to bring which includes items not permitted in University accommodation
  • Please dispose of products correctly – only dispose of toilet roll down the toilet. Put anything else into a bin. This includes sanitary products, condoms, cotton buds, hair, toilet block cages and disposable wipes – even “flushable” ones. In the kitchen, don’t wash leftover fat, oil, greasy sauces or food scraps down the sink. Read more about avoiding blocked drains on the Yorkshire Water website.

Please remember to:

  • Report straight away any damage to your accommodation – read Building maintenance and faults
  • Pay for any damages that you cause, deliberately or accidentally. You will also be charged for any damages in an area over which you have sole or joint control if the person who has caused the damage cannot be identified.