Respecting others

Living closely with other people in University accommodation demands consideration and cooperation from everyone. Everyone has different habits, preferences and timetables, please consider other people.

  • Keep noise to a minimum – noise levels should never interfere with other people’s sleep, study or general comfort. Your neighbours could be students, elderly people or families. Please keep down any noise (whatever the source) to a reasonable level and reduce it immediately if someone asks you to.
  • Respect staff, residents and your neighbours. Don’t use other residents’ possessions without permission, respect other people’s privacy and don’t use foul and abusive language. Read the University’s policy on dignity and mutual respect for more information on what to do if you feel bullied, threatened or harassed. 
  • Smoking is not permitted. You must not smoke (including hookah/shisha pipes and e-cigarettes) in any part of any residence building.
  • Do your share of cleaning in the communal areas. If the communal areas are not kept clean the warden or residence manager can issue a warning. If you have repeated warnings, you might end up having to pay for a contract cleaning company. Read cleaning section to find out about what is expected of you.
  • Request permission to throw parties. Contact your warden (or in some residences, your subwarden) and await approval before throwing a party.