Paying your rent

You can choose a variety of ways to pay your rent. We offer a range of plans to suit you.

If you rely on your student loan to pay your accommodation fees, we suggest you might want to pay in 3 x termly instalments. However, please be aware that if your student loan is late or does not arrive, the University cannot accept this as a valid reason for late payment.

If you are an international student who plans to open a bank account on your arrival in the UK, you can set up your instalment plan once you have received your new bank details. Please note that you must set up your instalment plan before the 14 October 2024 (10 February 2025 for Semester 2 and January arrivals). After this date, you will no longer be able to pay in instalments and will have to pay your full fees immediately.

If you think you are entitled to Leeds Bursary and you intend to take this as an accommodation discount, read more about next steps in choosing your bursary support

Payment options

Full year contract Semester 1 only Semester 2 only Term 1 and 2 only
Pay in full on or before 1 November 2024 Pay in full on or before 1 November 2024 Pay in full on or before 1 March 2025 Pay in full on or before 1 November 2024
3 equal termly instalments on 1 November 2024, 1 February 2025, 1 May 2025 3 equal instalments on 1 November 2024, 1 December 2024 and 1 January 2025 4 equal monthly instalments on 1 March 2025, 1 April 2025, 1 May 2025 and 1 June 2025 2 equal termly instalments on 1 November 2024 and 1 February 2025
8 equal monthly instalments on 1st of each month, starting on 1 November 2024, ending on 1 June 2025     6 equal monthly instalments on 1st of each month, starting on 1 November 2024, ending on 1 April 2025

Set up an instalment plan

Once you have chosen a payment option, complete the online instalment plan form. This is open from 15 July 2024 to 14 October 2024 (12 December 2024 to 10 February 2025 for semester 2/January arrivals), but you must still accept your contract and pay the deposit within the 4 day deadline.

You can pay your instalments by setting up an automatic payment either by Direct Debit (from a UK bank account only) or from a Credit/Debit card (Mastercard, Visa & Maestro).

For students paying in three termly instalments (or 4 monthly instalments for Semester 2 only students) we also offer you the option of paying your fees directly (manually) to the University if you prefer. If you choose this method of payment, you are responsible for making payment directly to the University by the due dates as above. For ways to pay, please see

There are no additional charges for setting up an instalment plan.

If you provide invalid card/account details or cancel your direct debit, your instalment plan will be cancelled. This means that the full accommodation fee must be paid immediately and you may incur late payment interest charges. Be sure you understand about charges and payment dates.

Note: If you do not select an online instalment plan your accommodation fees are payable in full, immediately.

Your accommodation statement

A statement will be sent to your University email address (usually late October) showing the amount due. Payment must be made on or before the due dates. If you are not the bill payer, please forward the statement to them.

Payment in full at beginning of tenancy by manual payment

If you choose to pay your accommodation fees in full, payment must be made on or before the due date of 1 November 2024 (1 March 2025 for Semester 2/January arrivals). For ways to pay, please see