Charges and payment dates

Charges for non-payment

You must make sure you pay your rent on time, whichever method of payment you choose. If your accommodation fee payment is not received within 14 days of the due date, late payment interest at an APR of 3% above Bank of England base rate will be added to the overdue balance. Interest will continue to accrue until the arrears are paid. An email, with statement of account attached, will be sent to your University of Leeds email address to advise you of this. If you are not the bill payer please forward this with the attachment to whoever is responsible for payment. 

International students – instalment plan deadline

If you are planning on opening a bank account on your arrival in the UK, you can set up your instalment plan once you have received your bank details. Please note that the deadline for setting up an instalment plan is 16th October 2023 (13th February 2024 for Semester 2 arrivals). You must set up your plan before this deadline for or you will not be able to pay in instalments and you will have to pay your total fees immediately.

Direct debit payments

Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account 2 working days before the due date of each instalment. Where the payment date falls on a weekend, the payment will be collected the following working day. If you want to change your bank account details, please ensure you give us at least 10 working days’ notice prior to any instalment being due. If you cancel your Direct Debit, your instalment agreement with the University will be cancelled and your account will default to the full payment being due immediately.

If you change your bank account, you must contact the Student Fees office to tell them this so that a new instalment plan can be set up. Find out who to call from our contact list, or looking at the top right of your bill.

Credit/debit card payments

These will be taken automatically from the card details you have provided. If you want to change your credit/debit card details please telephone the Student Fees office immediately – view contacts. If your card expires during the term of the instalment plan, the card holder will be contacted with a request to provide alternative card details.