Summer accommodation

If you need to stay in University accommodation beyond your contract end date then we do have some accommodation available for you. 

If you’re living at one of the following residences and require summer accommodation, you should contact your residence site team directly and ask if you can extend your stay: 

  • Burley Road Residence
  • CitySide
  • Clarence Dock Village
  • Hepworth Lodge
  • iQ Leeds
  • James Baillie Park
  • Leodis Residences
  • Mary Morris
  • Oak House
  • Oxley Residences
  • The Tannery
  • White Rose View

If you are living at any other residence, or you are unable to extend your stay at one of the above residences, we will have summer accommodation available at Lupton Residences only. All of our other residences will close for the summer once contracts end. 

Lupton Residences is situated in Headingley.  A flat consist of 5 x single-person bedrooms, 1 shared kitchen and 1 shared bathroom. It is self-catered accommodation which requires you to provide your own bedding, towels and toiletries, cooking utensils and dining items, food and drink. We tend to allocate flats as single-sex and we cannot normally accommodate specific dietary requirements or quiet flat requests.

To apply for summer accommodation at Lupton Residences, please fill in this application form. The deadline for submitting your application is 31st May 2022.

Further information

For students currently living in our accommodation there is no minimum booking if you wish to commence your summer booking on the date your existing contract ends. If you’re living in private student accommodation currently, then we can offer bookings from 11th July 2022 with a 14 night minimum booking period. 

All summer bookings will end by 7th September 2022, however if you have accepted an accommodation contract from the University of Leeds commencing in September 2022 we will continue to offer you accommodation until your new contract starts. 

As we have limited availability we ask that you complete and submit your summer accommodation application form at least 14 days before the start date. 

Please note, we are unable to offer accommodation to students who have not paid their term-time rent in full.