Top Tips For Managing Exam Stress

Deadline and exam season is upon us, and we all know how stressful this time of the year can be for students.

Here are some top tips from the Residence Life team on how to manage stress and take care of your well-being while working towards your deadlines and exams.  

Set yourself manageable goals 

Time management is an extremely useful tool to have and setting out a timetable of revision can help with this. Visualising things can often help them make a lot more sense, so a revision timetable might help you keep track of your work and deadlines, whilst also allowing you to space your revision out accordingly. 

Take care of yourself 

When we are stressed about something, we tend to take less care of ourselves. Pulling all-nighters and cutting out the self-care might seem like a good idea to save time, but it can often increase the symptoms of anxiety and stress. You are more likely to work more efficiently when you are looking out for yourself, so get a good 8 hours of sleep at night, take the time to make yourself proper meals, drink plenty of water and keep moving! 

Have regular breaks 

Although there may be the temptation to get on and study flat out in the run-up to exams, it is important to give yourself breaks. Not only will this help you look after yourself as mentioned above, but it will also allow for processing time on the work you have already done. Practise some well-being exercises, take some deep breaths, or go outside for some fresh air, whatever works best! 

The Residence Life team are hosting some Wellbeing Weeks during this time to help support you in your halls. With free breakfast drop-ins, pet therapy and massages lined up, keep an eye on our social channels to see what we are doing in your halls to give you a break from exam stress! 

Talk to your friends or flatmates 

During deadline and exam periods, there tends to be more stress than usual, but it is important to remember that you are not alone in this! Your friends and fellow students are likely to have the exact same worries and concerns, so why not have a chat about them?  

Get in touch  

Stress can feel overwhelming at times, especially during busy periods of work. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you need support. If you require additional help and advice on managing anxiety or stress during the busy exam season, visit the student counselling and wellbeing pages on our website. 

Residence Life Team