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Residence Life Assistants are students that live in halls and provide support to the other students living at the residence, assisting the Residence Life Wardens with community programming and being available and on duty should anyone require assistance. Applications to become a Residence Life Assistant are now open. Being an RLA is an amazing opportunity, but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what some of our incredible RLAs currently in residences think about their role!

Why did you sign up for the RLA job?

“I applied to the RLA role as I wanted to do something that would challenge me and help develop interpersonal skills.”
- Ilina Patki, The Tannery
“Although my first year in halls was a difficult one during the pandemic, I received a lot of support from the residence life team and felt obligated to pass this support on to other struggling students.”
- Urukai Jambawo, Clarence Dock Village
“I wanted to have a job which was flexible around my studies, and something I could easily incorporate into my timetable. Thankfully, the hours of the RLA shifts allow you to work during the evening in a weekday, and during a full day during the weekend.” 
- Meegan Worcester, St Marks Residence
“I signed up for the role following 2 years of COVID-19 remote learning, I found the opportunity to get involved in student life through the RLA role really appealing to experience a full and active student life following a rather isolating few years! The opportunities to get involved in student outings and events in the residence provided the opportunity to make new friends and engage with the wider community to build lasting connections.” 
- Rahma Hassan, Cityside

“I arrived in November 2020, right in the middle of lockdown. After flying for nearly 48 hours, I was exhausted and worried about getting to Uni, finding my room, to finally get some rest. I was greeted by Mike, the Residence Life Warden at St Marks. He was incredibly friendly and helpful. He helped me to my room, showed me how everything worked and who to contact should I need help. I imagine to him it was just another day at the office. To a weary, emotional, apprehensive me, it was just the start I needed. I made a note to self to seek out opportunities to pay it forward. To be part of that start for someone else. When the RLA roles were announced in January, I remember applying on the spot, without even a slight hesitation.”
- Kelly Samakabadi, Blenheim Point

What makes the RLA role worth it?

“Seeing people smile when you help them out.”
- Leif Holden, Central Village

“Being there for students and helping make them feel comfortable is amazing. You can see the difference after just a simple conversation when someone is down”
- Samya Saleh, Clarence Dock Village

“The training you complete to become an RLA is invaluable and really changes your life perspective – I feel since becoming an RLA I’ve really grown as a student.”
- Charlotte Webb, Montague Burton

“In my experience, although a free room is definitely one perk of the role, getting involved in a student residence makes you feel being part of the university.” 
- Apostolos Sdrolios, St.Marks Residence

“I was recently walking through the city centre with a friend. I bumped into many familiar faces and would stop for a quick catch up. My friend commented on how it almost seems I am a Leeds local. Without realising it, I had made all these connections with so many people through this role. I know some of these connections will carry for a long time.”
- Kelly Samakabadi, Blenheim Point

“What makes it worthwhile is how sociable the role is, getting involved in all sorts of events and working within my team with the warden and other RLAs is fun. It's been really nice to meet new people I may not have met at Uni otherwise.”
- Tochi Don-Okeke, Leodis

“I cannot stress enough that what RLAs do is genuinely appreciated and the fact that my supervisor/the Central Residence Life team have commented on us doing our job well makes the experience even more motivating and rewarding… not to mention that RLAs get to have their own RLA Easter Ball and an RLA Awards Dinner!”
- Georgi Minchev, Montague Burton

What could someone get out of the RLA role?

“The role gives you great social experiences, an opportunity to experience working in a team and with other talented people, it's great for your CV and it teaches great life and problem-solving skills.”  
- Luke McFarline, Blenheim Point
“It’s an opportunity to become more involved in the halls experience from a student as well as staff side, as well as shape the halls experience of your fellow students.”
- Urukai Jambawo, Clarence Dock Village
“Anyone who is really interested in providing a better experience and standards to society (especially students) would be the best to apply for this role. The role is equally exciting as its responsibilities are; no two days are same. You get to handle a whole different range of matters. Best of all, you get so much exposure by meeting people from whole across the world.”
- Jo Samuel Joseph Subramanian, Blenheim Point
“If you are like me and tend to be either quite quiet or anxious, I would recommend this role to improve your confidence. I was very nervous before I started this role. However, I have received so much support in my role from the other RLAs, my Warden, the Security Team and the night porters, that I have found confidence in tackling intense situations with greater independence, that this attitude has started to filter into my everyday life and my studies.”
- Meegan Worcester, St Marks Residence
“I can't recommend this role enough. I have grown and continue to grow in confidence. It is building my leadership skills. I have become more flexible and adaptable to many situations. I have met so many different characters and personalities which have expanded my patience, appreciation, and acceptance of individual idiosyncrasies a little more. I am thoroughly enjoying it and feel it has enhanced my Uni experience so much.”
- Kelly Samakabadi, Blenheim Point
“So many perks! Of course, there is free accommodation, but you also get the Edge gym membership, free food and drinks at certain events, a really bright purple hoodie, and more.  During the application process and training week, you meet so many new people doing different courses and of various ages, that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.”
- Ilina Patki, The Tannery
“Definitely a lot of transferable skills, such as teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, people management, rapport building, document management, organisation and working under pressure, to name a few. In addition, the RLA role features a mandatory comprehensive training, which will equip you with such a variety of ‘life skills’ that you can use in the future and for your own wellbeing (e.g. first-aid training).” 
- Georgi Minchev, Montague Burton

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Applications close on the 31 January 2023

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