Halls Awards Nominations are open!

The Halls Awards are back!

Every year our students do an amazing job and dedicate their time and energy to creating a fun, welcoming and inclusive environment for their fellow residents. Residence Life Assistants and Social Committees work extremely hard to encourage community and engagement within their halls, and to help to make students feel welcome throughout the year. The Halls Awards are a celebration of all the remarkable students living in halls of residence who are making a difference in their halls communities, and this year we’re giving out more awards than ever before!

Here are this year’s award categories:

Best Social Committee (RLSC) 

Awarded to the Social Committee who have worked effectively together to repeatedly host popular, appealing, and diverse events for their fellow residents. 

Event of the Year (RLSC) 

Awarded to the Social Committee who have produced a particular event of high quality that was well received and required strong skills in event management 

Student Leadership Award (RLSC) 

Recognising the Social Committee member who has been a particularly exceptional leader, displaying their ability to direct and guide a team 

Inclusive Community Award (RLSC) 

Awarded to the Social Committee or Committee member who has made the most effort to remove barriers to inclusion within their residence, and engage with the full diversity of the student body. 

Exceptional Member of the Year (RLSC) 

Celebrating the Social Committee member who has been extremely committed and made the biggest impact in their Halls and on their team. 

Halls Awards 2022

Exceptional RLA of the Year (RLA) 

Celebrating the RLA who has carried out their duties to a high standard during the year and made a positive impact on many of the students in their hall. 

RLA Team of the Year (RLA) 

Recognising the RLA team that has exceeded expectations and worked tirelessly and professionally to support their students. 

Rising Star Award (RLA) 

Awarding the RLA that has shown great development and gone above and beyond their role during their first year as a Residence Life Assistant. 

Contribution to Student Wellbeing (RLA)

Recognising an RLA or RLA team who has shown exceptional commitment to supporting their fellow student’s welfare.  

Halls Hero Award (Any student in halls) 

Recognising the contributions that all students make to life in halls and celebrating the incredible things that flatmates and friends in halls do on a daily basis. 
Nominations can be submitted by anyone living in halls, so make sure you have your say! After the nominations are collected, members of the central Residence Life team shortlist three to four individuals or teams per award category. A team of four impartial judges, including two senior members of Residential Services and two senior LUU staff members, then get to work on judging the awards. All nominees are invited to attend the awards and enjoy the celebrations, so keep an eye on your inbox to check if you are one of the lucky nominees selected!

Make your nominations here!

The Residence Life Team