Central Village

A short walk from the city and The Edge sports facility

Central Village

Central Village is a cluster of buildings offering spacious en suite accommodation, located on the University’s doorstep in the city centre. 

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Rooms are light and modern en suites, with junior double or double beds. Five or six rooms share a large open kitchen, dining and living space, with comfy seating and a TV – perfect for socialising with your flatmates and friends. Single occupancy studio flats are also available, which are en suites with fitted kitchens and lounge areas. Some studio flats are available for couples or two friends sharing the same sleeping area.

The common room is equipped with a table tennis and pool table and a wide screen TV, and residents have access to the nearby gym facilities. The reception desk is staffed 24 hours a day and there are also laundry facilities and cycle storage on site, with a Tesco supermarket conveniently located on your doorstep. 

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“I love to be around others and the communal space in the flat makes it really easy to have people around to socialise. The rooms here are a great size with lots of storage space and having sofas and a TV in the communal spaces makes you feel right at home. There are so many people in each block too which means it’s really easy to just nip over to a friend’s flat without even leaving the building.”
Dana Roberts, BSc Psychology

Please be aware that during the 2024/25 academic year there will be essential works taking place both inside Central Village and to the external facade of the buildings.  

In Block D there will be only one lift available from October as we carry out install a new lift. This may result in slightly longer waiting times for the remaining lift and some noise disruption on weekdays 9am to 5pm. 

We will also be undertaking further internal works that may require some residents to move flats during the 2024/25 academic year. If this is required flats would remain together and help would be provided to make the moving experience as easy as possible. We will send further information to residents once they have moved in.   

There will also be some works required to the external facade of some Central Village buildings. This may cause reduced light at times as work takes place outside and may also result in some noise disruption. Again, we will keep all residents updated with full details once this work is scheduled and as it progresses.   

If you have any concerns about this and have already submitted your accommodation application, please get in touch with the Accommodation Office (accom@leeds.ac.uk) to discuss or to change your preferred choice.  

Fast wi-fi

Laundry room on site

Tesco shop on site

Gym on site

Table tennis and pool

Common room with wide screen TV

Contents insurance included in your rent

Security service on call 24/7

Efficient, responsive building maintenance

Secure cycle storage

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding has not been used in the construction of Central Village. 

Central Village also has many features that enable the safe evacuation of individuals, including a fire detection and alarm system that exceeds legislative requirements. The automatic L (Life) type alarm system ensures that all areas of your residence are covered by detection, including bedrooms, kitchens, plant rooms, and communal areas.  Other fire safety systems installed for your protection include:

  • Fire containment between rooms, flats and areas within buildings. Walls, ceilings and door sets are designed to resist and prevent the spread of fire long enough for you to safely escape the building.
  • An installed sprinkler system.
  • A dry riser system to be used by the fire brigade in a situation where they want to use their fire hoses on any level of your building.(in blocks A, B and C)
  • A wet riser system to be used by the fire brigade in a situation where they want to use their fire hoses on any level of your building. (in block D)
  • Fire extinguishers and/or firefighting blankets throughout the building.
  • A firefighting lift/elevator for use by fire fighters to assist them to get quick access to all building floors to put out a fire and help residents leave the building.(in block D)
  • The reception area at Central Village is staffed 24/7 by a team who monitor and will investigate any and all fire alarm activations as and when they happen. In the event of a fire they will assist residents to evacuate the building and direct emergency services to the location of the fire

In addition, we operate a system where local staff and fire wardens are trained to undertake proactive and reactive fire safety duties, which include building inspections and routine fire safety checks.

Great Food at Leeds 

Great Food at Leeds (GFaL) is the University of Leeds catering service on campus, providing students with quality, fresh food at competitive prices. There are GFaL outlets located across campus for your convenience, so whether you’re looking for a coffee to takeaway or you fancy sitting down to a hot meal, there are plenty of options.


Self catered

En-suite, Studio, Studio share

43 week contract *

£189 - £194 per week

Self catered shared studio £254 per week / £10,906 total
Self catered studio £222 per week / £9,537 total
Self catered en suite £189 - £194 per week / £8,145 - £8,331 total
You can compare costs of residences

Self catered shared studio : 43 week contract*. suitable for couples or two friends who want to share, however please note that you would share the same sleeping area and do not have 2 separate bedrooms
Self catered studio : 43 week contract*.
Self catered en suite : 43 week contract*. Kitchen shared with 4 or 5 other people
* Due to refurbishment or vacation lettings some blocks may open later or close
earlier than others and as a result, some contracts may be slightly shorter.

Your rent includes

All rooms include


Providing independence and choice

Access guide to Central Village

Location, essentials and travel



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