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Current residents

Current residents

Welcome to Leeds! Now you’ve arrived, we hope you’re settling into your new home. If you need information or guidance on anything from understanding your contract to paying your utility bills, we can help.

Staying safe and healthy

It’s important that you register with a GP and have a meningitis vaccination if you need one. Handily Leeds Student Medical Practice is located just across the road from the Parkinson Building. You should also read the advice and guidance from the Security Services on how to stay safe, and understand that we don’t tolerate drug use or supply on University premises.

Register with a GP

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Welfare and support

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Staying safe

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Consequences of drug use

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Life at University

There’s loads for you to get involved with and discover at Leeds. Make sure you make the most of your Edge Club Halls Membership, and explore all of the great cafes on campus. If you’re living with other people in university accommodation, please be considerate to your neighbours and make sure you treat other people, and your accommodation, with the respect they deserve.

Residence Life at Leeds

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Edge Club Halls Membership

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Find out more about being sustainable

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Download the Great Food at Leeds app

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Respecting your accommodation

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Respecting others

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Transfers and leaving

It is important that you’re happy about where you live. If you want to change your accommodation or talk to us about your contract, we are here to help. You can talk to us about leaving your accommodation, leaving the University, and what happens at the end of your contract.

Making changes

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Transfer to a vacant room

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Leaving accommodation early

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Leaving the University

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End of your contract

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