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If you have questions, a problem or just need some guidance with your accommodation, we want to be able to help you in any way we can.

Maintenance faults

The best way to report faults is via the Maintenance tab in the Accommodation Portal

(Note: If you are in living in one of our partnered residences such as CitySide, Grayson Heights, iQ Leeds, James Baillie Park, Leodis, Clarence Dock Village (formerly Liberty Dock), Mary Morris, Oxley, Royal Park Flats or The Tannery, then this will not be available through the Accommodation Portal and you should report faults with your accommodation with your residence office.

Support and advice

If you require one-to-one advice or perhaps want to discuss problems with a neighbour, the Residence Life team is here to help and you can meet with your Residence Life warden or speak to your Residence Life Assistant. 

Residence Life Wardens at all residences hold advisory sessions during term time. You don’t usually need an appointment for these. To find out which Residence Life Warden(s) look after your residence and when they are available, visit our contacts page and select your residence from the drop down menu. 

If you can't attend an advisory session, email your warden or leave a note with the residence office or with us at Accommodation Services.

Do speak to your Residence Life Warden if you are having particular accommodation problems (eg noisy neighbours). They can only apply fines or warnings if you tell them about the problem.

You can also speak to your Residence Life Assistant on any issues affecting your wellbeing – homesickness, a noisy neighbour, a row with your flatmates, or anything else. There's a Residence Life Assistant on duty every weekday evening and on the weekends at most residences, so there's always someone you can call on for support or advice. To find your Residence Life Assistant, visit our contact pages and select your residence from the drop down menu. 

You can also contact the Residence Life team direclty via email at 

Paying for your accommodation

For queries on paying for your accommodation, please visit our Payments contacts page.

Safety and security

If you see or hear anything suspicious, and you are concerned, please contact Security Services. The Service is available 24 hours a day and is there to keep you safe and happy. There is a non-emergency and an emergency contact number.

Non-emergencies: 0113 343 5494 or 0113 343 5495
Emergencies only: 0113 343 2222

Comments or complaints

If you would like to leave us feedback regarding our accommodation, positive or negative, please fill out our Comments & Complaints form.


For any other enquiries, please contact Accommodation Services.