Application FAQ's

We've put together a list of the questions that we get asked the most when it comes to applying for our accommodation. When you are ready to apply, click the 'Apply Now' button in the top right corner of the screen or link here to the Accommodation Portal.

“I have missed the deadline and still want to apply”

Undergraduate students who have missed the 01 July deadline will still be able to apply for accommodation, but will not usually be covered by our accommodation guarantee. Although this means that we cannot guarantee you a room in University accommodation we will do everything we can to help you find a place.

Postgraduate students who have missed the 01 July deadline should contact our Postgraduate Accommodation team either via email or telephone on 0113 343 4165. Although we cannot guarantee you a room in University accommodation we will do everything we can to help you find a place.

Please note that our application system will be closed from 4 August 2021 to 10 August 2021 as a result of the UCAS embargo restrictions.

“I am unable to log in - my details were not found”

Please make sure that you are:

- Entering your UCAS ID number or Leeds student ID number without hyphens or spaces as your username

- Entering your date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format with the slashes as your password, e.g. 01 July 2017 would be 01/07/2017

Your UCAS ID number is 10 digits long. Your University of Leeds student ID is 9 digits long and begins '20' - this can be found on any correspondence from the University of Leeds.

Some students have only been able to log in when they type in their details, instead of copying and pasting them, so please make sure you enter them manually.

If you have only just accepted your offer or made Leeds your firm choice, it can take a couple of days for the information to get to our accommodation system, which is why your details might not be found.

“I need to update my credentials - but I'm not receiving an email”

If the email is not coming through to your main inbox, please check all of your spam, junk and clutter folders, as we have had reports from other students that they have found the email there.

Sometimes different browsers and device settings can prevent messages from getting through, so we also recommend that you check your emails on a PC/laptop (rather than just a tablet or phone) or, if you were already doing so, use a different browser to check your mail boxes.

If you are still unable to locate the email and it is not in any of the above folders, it comes from StarRezPortal, so you should add this to your safe senders/contacts list to ensure it comes through to your main inbox. You can also use this to search your mailboxes if you cannot find the message straight away.

The link provided in the email will allow you to set your own password and then access the accommodation application form. This link is only valid for one hour, but if you miss this deadline, don't worry, you can just request it to be sent again by entering your UCAS/Leeds ID and date of birth again.

“The email is being sent to my old address - I want to update my email address”

If you are a direct entry undergraduate student, an international exchange student or a research postgraduate you will need to contact your admissions team and ask them to update their record to your new email address for you.

If you are a taught postgraduate student, you will need to log into the applicant portal and update the address yourself.

If you are a UCAS applicant, you will need to update your email address in your UCAS profile.

Each of these methods will take a few days to process into our system, so you will not be able to access the application until this has happened.

If you still have access to your registered email address, please use this to complete your application.

“The link says it is no longer valid/unable to process my request”

Please make sure you are viewing the latest version of the email, as the link within it is only valid for one hour. You will be able to generate a new email by entering your ID number and date of birth again on the accommodation portal.

Please make sure you are viewing your emails on a PC/Laptop, not a phone or tablet. You can also try using a different browser to view the email.

If you have accessed the link after an hour has already passed, you simply need to log in again and generate a new email.

“I've only just accepted my offer to study at the University of Leeds”

If you have recently accepted your offer to study, you will not be able to apply straight away. It usually takes 2 days for the change in your status to process into our system.

Applicants who are accepting their offers after 01 July are not covered by our accommodation guarantee and will be able to apply A level results day in August.

“I am a taught postgraduate and I don't have my Leeds student ID number”

Your Leeds student ID number should be printed on your offer letter from your department or be sent to you via email by your department. The number is 9 digits long and begins '20'.

If you are unable to find your ID number, you will also be able to find it on the applicant portal when you log in (on the right hand side). So please make sure to check your emails and applicant portal regularly. Unfortunately we cannot generate an ID for you, so you need to look on the applicant portal or wait for your department to send it to you.

Once you have your Leeds student ID number you will able to log in to the accommodation application.

“Leeds is my insurance choice and I am unable to log in”

If the University of Leeds is your insurance choice, you will not currently be able to access the application.

If Leeds becomes your firm choice after your results are published, you will then be able to apply for accommodation. The deadline for insurance choice students is 31 August.

“I want to make a change to my application”

Unfortunately, we will not be able to unlock your application to allow you to make changes after 01 July. If you have a serious problem with your application, or your circumstances have changed, please get in touch with us to discuss this further.

Our opening hours are Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm. Phone: 0113 343 7777 |  We aim to respond to all queries within 3 working days.

“I have a question that isn't answered here”

If you have a question that has not been covered here, you can contact the University of Leeds Accommodation Office.

Our opening hours are Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm. Phone: 0113 343 7777 |  We aim to respond to all queries within 3 working days.