Campus area

Campus Area

Carl Milner Photography for LCC

As the University campus is located halfway between the vibrant city centre and local student area Hyde Park, living in this area really gives you the best of both worlds.

Within walking distance, the lively city centre provides everything you could want, from food and drink to shopping to entertainment, while Hyde Park lets you enjoy a more laid-back student life.

Being in the campus area of Leeds, you’ll be in the perfect spot to explore and enjoy our beautiful campus. Running late to your lecture? You’ll be able to roll out of bed and straight into Edward Boyle or Roger Stevens building in a heartbeat. Leeds University Student Union is in this area, with a wide range of bars and shops in the building along with support around all aspects of university life and various societies based on special interests like sports, music, and art. If you’re interested in sports, the University sport and wellbeing centre The Edge is on campus, so you can meet all your fitness goals without having to go far!

Pick up a bite to eat from the ultimate student lunch hotspot, Bakery 164, right across from the Parkinson Building steps or enjoy a coffee at Rand before your lectures. The campus itself has so many great food and drink outlets, with numerous Great Food at Leeds locations selling delicious and affordable food and drink options to cater to all. If you’re at a catered hall in this area, you’ll be able to sample the delights of the Refectory on the daily!

Travel links from this part of Leeds include frequent bus routes running through the area and it’s located within walking distance of Leeds railway station.