Living with other people

We’re a broad, diverse community which gives you the chance to meet people from all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. 

We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in our residences. Here are some hints and tips to make living in your residence extra enjoyable:

  • Keep an open mind. In University or private accommodation, your fellow residents may behave differently in relation to things like noise, tidiness, food preparation, personal and communal space, study practices or socialising. It's useful to approach this experience with an open mind and a respect for the different needs of others.
  • Get to know your flatmates. It's a good idea to get to know the people you are living with as soon as possible. Make them feel welcome and talk about any particular habits or needs you have that may be different to theirs. This will help you settle in and make it easier to resolve any difficulties in the future.
  • Talk about your own needs. You’ll be sharing kitchen space and a fridge with your flatmates, it might be good to discuss arrangements for sharing. You may want to keep your kitchen utensils and food to yourself, or you may be open to sharing your food and equipment and cook together – whatever you prefer, let your flatmates know, but also respect their choices.
  • Keep your flat clean and tidy. It is the responsibility of you and your flatmates to keep communal areas tidy. Read Cleaning to make sure you’re clear about what we expect of you. It can be a good idea to devise a cleaning rota when you move in.