Green living

Share our commitment to sustainability through our Living it Green campaign or by becoming a Green Representative in your residence.

Sustainable living in Leeds

The University is committed to the national agenda for sustainable development. We seek to reflect best environmental practices in our activities and operations. 

In size we’re equivalent to a small town, employing 7,800 staff and educating over 32,000 students. Our presence affects both the local community and the environment.

Living it Green campaign

The Living it Green campaign in University residences is all about reducing our combined impact on the environment through:

  • reducing energy consumption
  • reducing, re-use of and recycling waste
  • encouraging different forms of transport
  • promoting positive impacts on other environmental issues.

Find out more from the Living it Green Guide.

You can play a more active role in promoting green living within your residence by becoming a Sustainability Representative (Rep).

Green Reps sit on the Hall Executive of each residence. They receive training and support meetings throughout the year. If your residence already has a Green Rep, consider approaching them and asking if you can get involved as a volunteer on the Green Team for your residence.

Just contact your Residence to find out more.